Been counter

Instead of boring you with a typical “year end” type of post, I thought perhaps I should do a proper job and really bore you with a statistical summary of the past twelve months on the other side of the mountain.

Predictably+, the results of this arduous++ analysis showed that most of the entries were devoted to:

  • Stuff that happened 41%);
  • Complaints about other stuff that happened (34%); and
  • Opinions (17%)

Making up the remainder of the field were:

  • Posts about other people (4%);
  • Tags or memes (3%); and
  • Prophecies of Doom (1%)

Incidentally, my use of profanity seems to have drawn some attention from several quarters. I’d just like to point out that in 2006, the word “consequently” was featured more than three times as often as the word “arse” (20 instances vs 6). In fact, I only used derivatives of the word “fuck” a total of 18 times. I’m practically Mother Theresa, okay?

+ I have a vague suspicion that I may be a tiny bit self-absorbed

++ it must have taken me at least half an hour


15 thoughts on “Been counter

  1. I have to say that my husband loves the way you use profanity – and thinks your blog is very funny- in a sick, derranged, dark kind of way. But I said that that would make you proud if I told you. So hope ypir feelinf a little puffed up right now.


  2. Thanks K for another wonderful year of insight into your daft little world (thought it was a bit cruel to say your “nervous laughter little world”, besides it made a shitty sentence).

    Instead of the normal crappy Christmas wish (and with the girlfriend’s “I don’t even like Christmas!!” resounding through some or other echoing craggs) may you have a Christmas free of the ex-kyk’s (cake?? / koek??) cupped palm, little cake’s vomit, little old ladies and people that wish you a “merry Christmas” – The girlfriend smiles.


  3. I don’t have to do an analysis of my posts. 99% pointing out the shortcomings of politicians / bureaucrats and 1% praising people like Bishop Tutu.

    Perhaps I should try to be more positive?


  4. Yer an effing saint, no doubt about it … I hope you have a wickedly decadent jolly holly season and here’s to more consequences … hee hee πŸ™‚


  5. kykie you sweet thing, i just want to squeeze your cheeks and make baby sounds at you to stop myself from doing what I would really like to do (which is to um, erect an altar in that dark corner of my room where I will spend at least 3 hours a day contemplating your glory). Phew, glad i got that off my chest. Anyway, its been great reading you – I think i havent missed a post this year. Keep up the good work right through 2007. oh, and 18 times is borderline prudish. might need to work on that boet πŸ˜‰


  6. norm: Echoing crags? It’ll be creaking wagons next and then where will we be? Seriously though, thanks πŸ˜€

    inyoka: You’ll need to get the (apparently) compulsory lobotomy first.

    luke610: Hear hear – here, here πŸ˜‰

    angel: You got it. I hope you managed to get out of tree-sitting duty this year.

    terri: I’m busy warming up the Magic 8-ball.

    cherrypie: Ta. Hope the New Year brings you good things, too.

    lyn: I’ll add it to my “to do” list. Promise :mrgreen:

    sophie: Hah! Prove it. Suspicion of profanity won’t cut the mustard here.

    lori: And the same to you. Same to you πŸ˜€


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