Can you dig it?

There’s no denying that commuting in Cape Town is a major ball ache, but occasionally the gods of the asphalt throw in an impromptu floor show to reward the faithful for their daily worship.

I was stopped at the traffic lights at the intersection of Milner Road and Avenue De Mist+ yesterday evening, when I noticed that the driver in front of me was conducting a scrupulously thorough mid-face archaeological investigation (as one does).

So intent was she on her task of extracting that last bit of schnotty goodness from the deepest recesses of her left nasal cavity, that she completely failed to notice when the light changed to green. The driver in the 4×4 behind me politely waited the customary nanosecond that road etiquette demands in such circumstances, before leaning on his hooter with his full weight. Bogeywoman got such a fright that she came close to performing an in-vehicle auto-lobotomy++.

I know it’s not very noble to laugh at the misfortunes of others, but I think I nearly burst my trachea.

+ Interestingly enough, if I’d been facing in the opposite direction, I would have been at the intersection of Belvedere Road and Avenue De Mist. The street names here can be a bit schizophrenic at times.

++ Don’t you just love semantic irony?


16 thoughts on “Can you dig it?

  1. the “green-ness” of the traffic light was most probably dull in comparison to the krytptonie-like green of the freshly picked nasal fruit, hence the non-reaction


  2. That’s pretty funny. I was actually stopped at that intersection last night. What colour was the car she was driving? *gulp*


  3. anne: Probably (and it ties in beautifully with the nasal archeology theme).

    urk: Makes sense. I’m just glad she didn’t feel compelled to eat her greens.

    iitq: Nah – just passin’ through. Property values are intact 🙂

    nicky: Busted!!!

    rev: She must have been thinking really hard.

    terri: She’s coming to getcha! Boo!ger


  4. Well sitting in traffic on that particular stretch of road can be a bit of an, um, er booger – I know, I travel it every day 🙂 Next time you’re in the neighbourhood stop in and say ‘llo.


  5. A nano-second? Man you folks down there sure do take your time, don’t you? 😉 Sad part is that if I would have seen that play out people would have been blaring their horns at me because I would have been laughing too hard to drive.


  6. haha…excellent entertainment whilst sitting around doing bugger-all! You got to love checking out the folk doing their thing when they don’t know that they have an audience! Bloody brilliant!


  7. parethesis: You’re on. I have my coffee strong with milk, but no sugar.

    livewire: Yeah, we’re pretty relaxed here.

    kabintsimbi: Who needs Reality TV?

    chitty: Not, I am thankful to report, meals-on-wheels.


  8. When me Maw catches someone tickling their brain through their nostril she always says “Halvsies when you find it.” This is meant to embarrass the person into stopping but I’m always afraid someone will actually share.


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