A shot in the light

First of all, I need to apologise for the previous entry. Public displays of introspection are invariably embarrassing. It does demonstrate one thing, though: audience participation can go a long way towards redeeming a shitty production.

Moving swiftly onwards – on Sunday I joined the happy+ throng++ at the second get-together of the Cape Town Flickr Meetup Group in Kalk Bay. There’s a convoluted story behind how I ended up there (when I had initially expected to be elsewhere), but I won’t bore you with the details. “Convoluted” doesn’t necessarily translate into “interesting”. I got to meet worthies such as Other-Duke, Betenoir and the venerable Coda. Okay, who wants to touch me?

Our group attracted many nervous glances from the passers-by, which is understandable. After all, random clusters of weird people milling around on street corners excitedly brandishing cameras is perhaps not an everyday occurrence… Hang on – what am I saying? This is Cape Town. Maybe we were just a little bit too scruffy and disreputable to pass as tourists? Before the authorities swooped in to arrest us on suspicion of being too scruffy and disreputable to be tourists, we scattered in various directions to boldly seek out new civilisations photo opportunities.

After reconvening at Cape to Cuba some time later for drinks and chilli poppers, topics of discussion ranged from photography+++ to new project ideas, including Stalkr and Vomitr. Good times.

+ Yes, yes, I suppose it’s possible that some of them were crying on the inside

++ about twelve people. I’m still not sure what the minimum entrance requirements are for official throngitude, but I live on the edge

+++ No, really – I swear!


29 thoughts on “A shot in the light

  1. Kalk Bay. I spent my last seven years in CT working in KB. I passed quite a bit of time at the harbour, buying snoek, yellowtail, geelbek. Also, some time in the Brass Bell.

    However, I cannot think of a place where a throng could throng, so to speak, other than on the beach. Unless there has been a bit of urban renewal and rebuilding going on, providing is a reasonable place to have a meeting and coffee.


  2. dolce: I’m not sure if that’s even possible. Thongs really have a bum time of it.

    peas: It’s a deal! I should perhaps warn you that I have an extremely large and intricate signature.

    inyoka: Improvisation. That’s all I’m saying.

    mjw: Funny, I would never have pegged you as a throng kind of person.


  3. You Capetonians hava a knack for stepping over the line between actual and virtual. Why is that?

    PS What’s a chilli popper? (and shouldn’t that be poppr?)


  4. granny wrangler: I don’t want anybody else…

    anne: Sorry, it isn’t live yet, but you can try Regurgitatr

    other-duke: We did, but they got a bit squished in my camera bag.

    andrea: It’s a gift. A chilli popper (or Poppr if eaten by a Flickr person – well spotted!) is an eviscerated jalapeño chilli pepper filled with cream cheese, covered in batter and deep-fried.

    rev: Oh man, that’s pure genius. We’ll have to start a side project to identify potential clients: Suckr.


  5. I think it’s time you set up a meeting for adherents to Cayennetology. I imagine such an event might present a whole host of Kodak moments …. 🙂


  6. parenthesis: Done. I’ll leave you to work out the details, shall I? :mrgreen:

    granny wrangler: The good news is he’ll be in London in April. The bad news is he’s already been snagged.


  7. parenthesis: I am? Well, thanks for clearing that one up 😉

    rev: I think you might be referring to “You Stupid Fuckr“. “Jou Ma Sr” features the interactions of Capetonian urban outdoorspeople.

    granny wrangler: So true, so true.

    rev & gw: Can you two just get a room, okay?


  8. cool- i wanna touch you! i wanna touch you… ahem, um- that sounded a little strange. sorry.
    i am jealous of all these blogger get togethers that i get to read about but not attend… i’m feeling a little left out!
    nobody loves me everybody hates me i’m gonna eat some worms


  9. i missed that one, i did.
    i’m hoping to get a chance at another one.
    i want to be one of the happy (but probably crying on the inside) throngitude (at least 14 is required, i believe) to look scruffy and suspicious (not japanese, in other words) on the docks (and not working there) (day or night)



  10. betenoir: It’s all that coffee, I’m tellin’ ya.

    parenthesis: [crickets chirping]

    angel: I get that a lot.

    ol’ hoss: You could also go plum digging, like Li’l Jack Horner

    whiskeykitten: It’s okay, you can work there if you like. Nobody’s judging you.


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