Looks sort of like “bibble” in Cyrillic

Arigato Asante Вы Dank u Danke Dankie Enkosi Gracias Grazie Merci Obrigado Σας ευχαριστούμε Siyabonga Tatenda… Whichever way you slice it: thank you!

You know that crap you often hear about “it’s an honour just to be nominated? Well, it’s true. Paul+ was muttering something about “lean pickings”, but we’re ignoring him, aren’t we?

+ No, not you, Paul – the other Paul


31 thoughts on “Looks sort of like “bibble” in Cyrillic

  1. And with a pot of 2007 cents, you can almost afford to quit the day job now too 🙂 I’m holding thumbs 🙂


  2. So when you win, seeing as there’s no blog awards dinner in Cape Town, we may just have to organise a local wino function to celebrate.

    PS> Is Other-Paul in anyway related to Other-Duke?


  3. Hi Kyknoord

    I just found your Flickr photos by chance and I love them. I’ve been reading your blog since I first found it while living in London 3 years ago when it was a ray of distant hope in my life. I’ve lost track for a while and haven’t read your work for about 4 months and I’ve missed it. We’ve since moved back and are now quite settled in Malmesbury of all places, but you’re part of what makes South Africa a wonderful, inspiring, ever changing and brilliant place. I just wanted to thank you! I probably get 10 points for cheese factor, but who cares.


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  5. You deserve each of those nominations. Thank God you don’t qualify for ‘Best SA Overseas blog’ nor ‘GLBT blog’ despite your shenanigans at Stodels.


  6. Wow. You step out of the room for a few minutes…

    granny wrangler: Mwah 2u2

    anne: Oh good. We’re even, then?

    other-duke: Spam? Oh no, not the food category!

    mjw: Oh go on, you’re just saying typing that.

    dolce: Any particular little bit you had in mind? Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be able to throw together some sort of ad-hoc boozefest down here, if necessary.

    parenthesis: Oh yes, me too. Me too.

    tenmiles: Lots – and they’re all fine, upstanding pillars of the community. Except for Paul, of course.

    parenthesis: Looks like someone has food on the brain.

    rev: Absolutely.

    Nicki: Mom? Is that you? But seriously, thanks 😳

    terri: I KILL YOU NOW!!!! haha just kidding. Maybe.

    alan: There’s always next year.

    angel: Is there ever a good time?

    jam: Kind of makes me wonder what the rule is :mrgreen: Mwah!


  7. oh, you’re not going to get all big-headed now are you… I mean…blog-award nomination, promotion to moderator… you’re just having a fantastic week, aren’t you.

    and it was ants. I insist.


  8. chitty: You’re going to give me the “everyone’s a winner” speech, aren’t you?

    betenoir: My helmet has been a little snug of late. Ja okay, ants fukkit.

    peas: It’s a deliberate attempt to split the vote. Bastards!

    parenthesis: As long as it isn’t water, either.

    forgottenmachine: Nah. He’s unique. Just like all the others.

    dolce: You’ve heard of “the lizard”? Well, mine is my newt.


  9. dear fellow nominee – thank GAWD we’re not in the same category! We should think of joining forces… I add some design touches to your blog and you write my posts – sounds good ya? he he

    Anyways – congratulations on yr nomination.


  10. I am particularly impressed by the fact that the KYKNOORD option is pre-selected in all categories for which you are nominated.

    I mean, its so convenient that I don’t actually think about who I want to vote for, but still have to confirm my identity as a human while exposing myself to the ministrations of a thousand spammers.

    George W. Bush would be proud. Pre-punched chads for Florida next time!


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