It’s grilled cheese, now

It occurs to me that there may actually be something to this whole alien lizards masquerading as people conspiracy theory.

I had to take a trip out to Robertson yesterday. Robertson is hot. Blisteringly so. We’re talking heat that you would normally reserve for hardcore Bikram Yoga, making meringues or punishing sinners. To a delicate-skinned office slug such as I, there is virtually no difference between a visit to Robertson and a stroll past an open blast furnace.

It’s not exactly a place you would expect to find people. Giant rock lizards, on the other hand…


21 thoughts on “It’s grilled cheese, now

  1. Giant alien lizards? Sounds like someone watched one too many episodes of “V” in their youth.
    Can I stroll past an open furnace pleeeze?!


  2. rev: I thought I produced the best Robertson whine.

    parenthesis: That’s a bit of a stretch.

    terri: I’ll put a copy of Heat in the post for you, shall I?


  3. one of my ‘underlings’ got seriously sunburned this weekend when we were out supporting our company’s Argus team. His appearance has also become suspiciously scaly… the only logical conclusion is that the lizard men are among us! Run! Run for your lives!


  4. coincidentally (or not) my brain today feels as if it got eaten by a giant lizard, and then regurgitated back into my head.

    you truly have your finger on the pulse of a generation. or something. I dunno, I’m tired.


  5. moonflake: *sob* If only we’d listened to the Truth with our own eyes.

    betenoir: Bulimic zombie lizards? I think our indie movie plot is beginning to crystallise.

    parenthesis: Oh my GOD! You want to eat my BRAIN? YOU’RE ONE OF THEM!!!!

    granny wrangler: C’mon, that’s way too far-fetched for anyone to believe.


  6. It’s amazing how those inlandish areas seem to have their own seasons..

    I was going make some quirky remark about it being in a vortex, but the hippies would have had a field day with that comment


  7. Pahahahahaha. Your comparisons contain the perfect ounce of truth and express your experience so succinctly we can all relate … and they sure raised a laugh from me 😉 Nice post!


  8. I think you have stumbled upon a conspiracy that you’d be better of knowing nothing about. Think about it; global warming. Alien lizard overlords. Increased heat.
    Pattern anyone…


  9. granny wrangler: Right ho, Miss Moneypenny!

    parenthesis: – or hard cheese, if you prefer.

    odie: Hey, like, only if it’s an open field with, y’know, buttercups and shit.

    phillygirl: Ounce? Ounce? I’m sorry, but Ounce???

    fence: Looks like we will have to fight them on the beaches.

    angel: Nah. Cameras only steal souls. They don’t actually kill.


  10. katie possum: Not quite. It’s still circumstantial, but I’m working on it.

    anne: I would have, but because of the brain-control waves, my plan was – er – foiled.

    angel: Depends how big your camera is. Sometimes you can use the telephoto lens as a crude bludgeon.

    godsgimp: It could be just a coincidence…


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