Soul food

Lassitude and perspective: Too much of one and not enough of the other make Jack a dull boy. And by “Jack”, I mean me. Try to keep up.

Maybe I’ve been searching for inspiration in the wrong places, although surprisingly, an afternoon in the cemetery can be quite diverting. It’s certainly less stressful than slamming your head repeatedly against the wall (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course). However, the stony silence and headless cherubs do take a bit of getting used to.

I’m sure it could become a popular hang-out for goths, vandals and photographers if someone decided to open branch of Vida e Caffe there. Although perhaps a name change might be in order+.

+ I wouldn’t recommend selling biltong at the snack counter, either


26 thoughts on “Soul food

  1. guest: One swallow does not make a summer (although it does make for a whole array of lame oral sex jokes).

    chitty: Been on the road. There was a song about it.

    iitq: Nah, I just need to shower a bit more often.


  2. so, I take it this visit to the cemetary wasn’t the more permanent kind?

    Well, you never know these days.

    Fek. That’s the problem with fan bases. They always want more…


  3. Someone thought it was a good idea to open a ‘Something Fishy’ seafood restaurant on the site of the old cemetery near Groote Schuur Hospital. Not even the prospect of a decent cappuccino could persuade me to hang out there.


  4. forgottenmachine: *sigh* isn’t that always the case.

    jeanpant: Ja. A case of too much Jacking off.

    dolce: I admit nothing, but to paraphrase betenoir, Glaargh. Braaains!

    ‘zilla: Didn’t they have flame-grilled sole on special?


  5. Personally I think Vida is one of those brands that just consumes and destroys.

    My evening in December spent trekking around a cemetery with my camera was rather fruitful (still have to post those pics to Flickr). And, sadly, not at all disturbing, although I was with a large group of people so the rampant imaginings were curbed.


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  7. oh thank goodness you’re back- i was afraid i’d have to start surfing to find another read to excite… to stimulate my… to tickle my… oh crap- this isn’t working!
    i missed you dude!


  8. I think an afternoon at the cemetery with you would be quite memorable. As it is, I like ’em all by myself, too. Tastes are inscrutable things.


  9. mjw: You went to an all-ghouls school, didn’t you?

    alan: Nah, that was my cousin, Kyksuid. I was diving for brain coral on Saturday.

    angel: I keep telling you, more time on the shooting range will improve your aim.

    andrea: That’s probably because tongues look weird when viewed from close up.


  10. Oooh oooh! They shouldn’t sell any Ghost Pops or Death by Chocolate either. Call me conventional, but I take the “slamming your head repeatedly against the wall” route quite frequently. I should give the cemetary a try, though.


  11. betenoir: Pity about the squirrels, though.

    ant: Ghost Pops *snort* I suppose we’ll have to scratch Lifesavers off the list, too.

    rev: You callin’ me a pothead? Glad to see at least someone pays attention to the categories.

    fence: Nah – I reckon it was a group of novice corporate headhunters that didn’t quite understand their job description.

    granny wrangler: Promises, promises :mrgreen:


  12. So would you be, like, Jack from ‘Lost’ or Jack from ’24’. ‘Cos you know it makes a whole heap of difference to your state of, er breathing what with one being a doctor and the other having a penchant for shooting people.
    Either way, welcome back from the other side.


  13. Didn’t even notice you were gone! Just kidding.

    I once spent an afternoon at Highgate Cemetery photography headstones without even realising that they had a very famous resident. I stumbled across the grave and was quite surprised.

    Do you know who it is?


  14. Judging by those piccies on Flickr, your trip to the cemetry was very inspirational. Baie naais, Kykie.

    Baie naais? Oh dear, the place is rubbing off on me!


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