It’s a short step from…

  • “sparing someone’s feelings” to “bullshit” (No really, you look fine)
  • “desire” to “disappointment” (I wanna swing!!!)
  • “insurance” to “frustration” (WHAT exclusion clause?)
  • “death” to “taxes” (well, estate duties, at any rate)
  • “expressing yourself” to “whining” (She loves me, she loves me not…)
  • “writing” to “criticism” (no, I’m not talking about you, okay?)
  • “an opinion” to “intolerance” (ditto)
  • “taking an interest” to “stalking” (Yes, I am talking about you)
  • “a viewpoint” to “insult” (see “sparing someone’s feelings”, above)
  • “a matter of principle” to “poverty” (it’s cheaper to suck it up, baby)
  • “I do” to “I don’t” (not that I’m cynical or anything)
  • “having kids” to “alcoholism” (“crushed spirit” also works here)
  • “marketing” to “spam” (I think I have enough Viagra, thank you)
  • “work” to “boredom” (you’re reading this aren’t you?)
  • “meetings” to “heavy eyelids” (am I dead yet?)
  • “work avoidance behaviour” to “blogging” (it’s only fair, in view of the above, don’t you think?)

…and so forth. Do feel free to join in – it’s fun (and you can do it in meetings, too)


12 thoughts on “It’s a short step from…

  1. “one for the road” to “ploughing your car into a ditch”
    “can I buy you a drink” to “who’s the stranger sleeping next to me”
    “I’ll have it on your desk by close of business today” to “has anyone got a copy of the classifieds?”
    “Downing a tequila” to “singing karaoke”


  2. I am too exhausted to be able to contribute meaningfully here (case in point: is that even a word? I’m supposed to know such things without having to look them up) but I am really enjoying the truths that others are spinning.


  3. “I have never had brandy & coke before” to “what happened to me doctor?” – I have seen it many times before in the Karoo:

    “watch this move…” (with a lopsided smile and confident shrug) to “whhaa i think it is broken, dont touch me!” (through tears and spittle)
    “i am going to moer all 7 of you farmboys” to “whaa i think it is broken…etc etc”

    The same goes for tequila – you know, the “Last night Tequila” to “next morning TeKak”.


  4. hhmm…
    “craving” to “binge eating” maybe?
    “social smoker” to “emphysema”… or at least asthmatic pneumonia!
    geez, i hope it doesn’t seem TOO much like i’m speaking from experience here…


  5. katt: “flattery” to “everywhere”

    jeanpant: “Valium” to “coping”

    granny wrangler: “metaphorical” to “literal”

    chitty: “business” to “alcohol”

    godsgimp: “well spotted” to “I wish I’d said that”

    mjw: Dunno, but it seems a bit silly to split hairs since we all know what you mean.

    the tart: As long as it isn’t working against you 🙂

    anicker: “drinking” to “amusing anecdote”

    angel: “I’m sure it’s nothing” to “where shall I send the flowers?”


  6. “desire” to “disappointment” (I wanna swing!)

    Warning: could be taken out of context without previous post.

    Giggle. 😉

    PS. Nice pic of me and hail and the embryo (panicking) – thanks!


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