Secretive? Moi?

Well, maybe a little. I prefer to think of it as annoyingly vague.

Not too long ago, a friend berated me for keeping my cards too close to my chest [insert silly joke about my magnificent Christian Bale-esque chest+] She could be right, but then again, it’s also possible that I’ve just run out of things to say. It’s a short step from “sharing” to “shut the fuck up, already!”++ After all, I would hate bore you with the tedious minutiae of my life (although I’m sure David will be pleased to hear that my scrofula are healing rather nicely).

Nevertheless, when I cast my anally-retentive eye+++ across my more recent ramblings, I think the record may be angled a few fractions of a degree off square and could perhaps do with a little straightening:

So – to answer the question – yes, I have been seeing someone and no, I’m not going to provide more detail than that. Consider this a public service to all the stalkers who can now rake through the archives to look for clues. It’s no use denying it – you know you want to.

+ Hey, don’t just take my word for it, ask HER

++ and it’s an even shorter step from “self-referential” to “Head Up Own Arse Syndrome”

+++ which is rather ironic, when viewed in conjunction with my second footnote, above.


22 thoughts on “Secretive? Moi?

  1. See how easy it is to go from anally-retentive to anally-attentive.

    So Kyks been checking out some ass, well good for him.

    Although this may disappoint some of your female fans and those of dubious sexual persuasion, like say, Chewy, it should provide a fair amount of situational blog fodder.

    Bring it on!


  2. And I haven’t even been stalking you lately. Huh. I can see that I have alot to catch up on from my absence. But, does this mean you run around showing off your movie-star chest to everyone? I feel left out. 😉


  3. Don’t think we can’t read between the lines and follow the crumb trail of clues. Did you think you were being smart? Did you think we wouldn’t figure it out? Huh? Did you??

    You’re seeing Christian Bale, aren’t you!


  4. katt: Nah. We were shut down by the FBI. Again.

    betenoir: I take it you haven’t seen Reign of Fire then?

    jeanpant: Ja, I were of the… thing what you said and jammer, but Alexander can like to be staying wiff me.

    chewy: Okay. What do I win? Am I on TV?

    chitty: Darned? Are you a sock?

    rev: Can’t understand why Chewy would be dubious and have to be persuaded. Weird.

    cap’n mcgoldnugget: I tell ya, you post one photo on and the world goes mad!

    louisa: You’re going to have to do better than that to make it into the top ten.

    moonflake: Don’t be ridiculous, we’re just good friends.

    idle: Could this be the voice of experience talking?


  5. Am in a Starbucks in the great state of TEXAS … laughing & giggling like crazy! YOU people are funnier that Kyk at the moment.

    Lucky CT girl that gets to spend time with Kyk! WhooooHooooo.

    (Ok, no more “triple, venti, extra mocha, tons of whip-whip, what-ever-the-hell I am drinking that is making me la-la!)

    Coffee smooches to Kyk & his chick,
    The Tart
    ; *


  6. “Seeing someone” is always a good thing.
    (as long as they are visible to other people too)

    Not so good if it refers to someone with a “Dr” before their name, who bills you at an hourly rate… (they are good at keeping secrets too..hehehe)


  7. oh. my. word. dude- fot the wuck have you done to me! before i finished reading this post i had googled christian bale’s chest & scrofula & i had followed “her” link (oh, i agree with her b.t.w.).
    so- when a blogger starts “seeing someone”- do you tell the new someone that you have an immensely popular blog on the interweb?


  8. mjw: The die is cast.

    terri: I thought so. Just call me Gushy McShare.

    the tart: Good, then my work here is done. I can retire secure in the knowledge that others will carry the flame onward.

    anicker: You seem to know an awful lot about this…

    angel: Couldn’t say. I guess I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it.


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