Long trip, short post

Like Kevin, I’m an atheist.

But if I wasn’t, or if I ever have a crisis of non-faith and start believing in gods, evil testicle-eating pixies or miscellaneous other imaginary friends, I can take comfort in the fact that Hell holds no terrors for me.

Yesterday I had to take a road-trip with my boss.


33 thoughts on “Long trip, short post

  1. Well, to each his own, I suppose, but how anyone can deny the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is just beyond me.


  2. Oh my GOD. (Not literally)

    I’ve done a roadtrip with mine before.

    Besides, Hell sounds fun. I did get to bonk Stalin afterall.

    You, me and Kev could have quite a good time down that end methinks.


  3. Well at least there’s hope if he’s an ex-disciple Kyk? You could try and convert him to nothing – or if all else fails drug his Wimpy coffee and enjoy the drive in quiet.

    Alternatively, if you need the boss awake to drive, then might I suggest tampering with the music. Co-pilot gets to choose as far as I know. have you access to any strechy backwards played Queen at all? 😉


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  5. i feel your pain. i am in houston for six weeks with mine. we are both online in the hotel, but he still has to phone me every five minutes. he can’t IM me, which he knows how to do


  6. mrs B: Puh-le-e-e-e-e-z? Pretty please with blue smarties on top?

    louisa: Okay, now you’re scaring me.

    parenthesis: Sympathy’s great, but money is better.

    xGW: Oops, my bad. I’ve added them to my “to do” list.

    kevin: The Oros Man is going to mightily pissed off.

    dystopia: Six weeks? SIX weeks? Oh, the horror.


  7. … what I worry about is the pratchettian view that you get whatever you think is coming to you. So while I keep hoping for an endless library, free movies and chocolate streams, my evil imagination keeps throwing in hellbeasts and acid-spewing beasts.

    so, did you end up killing your boss?


  8. For the next trip:
    Tell your boss that “this time” the pleasure is all yours: Let him ride on your scooter!!


  9. Wait until you have to stay overnight at a hotel with your boss (thankfully in separate rooms on different floors), who’s drunk and tries to come on to you.

    (Although, for all I know, you may like that kind of thing 🙂


  10. betenoir: I tried, but it turns out he’s heartless, brainless and gutless. You don’t happen to have a wood-chipper I can borrow?

    jeanpant: Maybe his flatulence is the source of the bagpipe sound? My Scottish grandfather could fart ‘Amazing Grace’ when he had enough to drink.

    chitty: I didn’t say it would be pleasant.

    the crutch: Lovely. The very thought of him squeezed up against me for hours on end… excuse me while I go scrub my brain out with soap.

    mjw: It sounds like your business trips are far more interesting than mine. It was a business trip, wasn’t it?

    terri: Ah.


  11. One roadtrip with your boss? Kyk, that’s nothing! Try LIVING FOR 3 MONTHS IN THE SAME HOUSE as your boss. Now, if you believe that if something exists then its opposite must too, there is in fact a heaven overseen by a god. Period.


  12. ant: You want to borrow the wood-chipper when I’m done with it? Regarding the other, I think I should point out that belief in something does not make it true. If faith really moved mountains, we wouldn’t need bulldozers and explosives, would we?


  13. An aside for Dystopia — and here I thought the caterwauling I heard (yes, your cries of horror were that loud) was about the “six weeks in Houston” part…



  14. ol’ hoss: It sure beats the alternative.

    angel: I suppose I didn’t have to, but I’m too lazy to look for another job.

    lori: Houston, we have a problem…


  15. I can sypathise…I was in my first year of articles in 1997 and (at the time) lived in Wynberg but worked in Bellville:-( (How I got to be transferred there from the Cape Town branch is another story – lets just say it involves the following: office laptop, Duke Nukem, volume up full blast, PA unable to switch it off in court, director *extremely* pissed off) I had to sit in on a trial with one of the partners at Wynberg Magistrates Court at the end of June 1997 and I met up with him at court (thereby avoiding a 90min commute to Bellville by train (yay!) He had a reputation for being a surly mofo but really proved it that day: he said zilch to me at court or during the 15min tea-time (even though I’d help research some of the salient issues of the case) and to make things worse I had to drive back with him to Bellville…That was about 60in of VERY uncomfortable silence…and he didn’t even turn the car radio on:-(


  16. I love roadtrips (the bits I remember in anyway – a strange sleep disorder kicks in when I hear the click of a safety belt.) In fact, it is right up there with my favourite things – sans le boss obviously. I am more wary of upcoming “flight trip” to Youranusburg with the Psycho-nut-freak (le boss) and The Client. I prefer a long-haul flight sitting next to a colic baby. That smokes.


  17. On another tack entirely …
    I am damn sure I saw David Bullard’s DAD on Satdy down the mall …
    it was right scary.


  18. paul: Clearly his reputation was not entirely undeserved.

    anicker: What fun. I’ll bet you’re also expected to work en-route and dozing off would be severely frowned upon.

    anon: You’re too kind. No, really. Keep up the constructive criticism, although I should perhaps point out that if you’re looking for actual content, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place.

    luke: Especially if you consider the fact that he’s been dead for years.


  19. hey well maybe it wasn’t his dad but HIM … and those suave publicity shots are a big lie … gorsh, golly, who’dathunkit??? the horror never stops.


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