Freudian lurch

Kyknoord Jr has had the sniffles recently, so I when called the ex earlier today to find out how things were going with Little Miss, I ended up getting a blow-by-blow+ account of the past few days. I never realised there were quite as many ways to describe mucous. My ex could write a book: ‘101 Exudations’. Yick. Anyway, towards the end of our chat, she mentioned that she’s getting ready to hit the dating scene again. In retrospect, I think I could possibly have worded my response a little bit better:

“Hey, good for you! Oh, that reminds me, I saw a promo on SABC3 that they’re going to start showing ‘Desperate Housewives’ at the end of the month”
[long, stony, excruciatingly uncomfortable silence]
“- er – wellokaythenseeyounextmonthbye”

And to think that people still ask, “So why’d you two split up, huh?”++

+ Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week

++ Although, let’s face it – playing Marilyn Manson back-to-back with Vivaldi at odd times of the day might also have been a contributing factor


26 thoughts on “Freudian lurch

  1. Aw, poor Little Miss Mucous 😦

    (and may i remind you that unlike Michael, Michael! i’m not a fan of small children so my sympathy this makes her pretty special)


  2. DOH!

    Oh Kyk. The phase “put a sock in it” clearly came from chronic foot in mouth disease.

    I’m laughing. Snorting water over my desk in fact. But with deep sympathy.

    *shakes head*

    Is Kyk jr too young for hot toddies. What am I saying. You’re never too young for hot toddies!


  3. peas: Fortunately, I’m on a low-fat diet.

    katie p: She’s definitely on the mend. Not quite bouncing off the walls, but getting there.

    dolce: I’m glad to see the water didn’t damage your keyboard.

    betenoir: You cut me deep, Shrek. You cut me reeeeal deep, but I know that’s just the ‘flu medication talking.

    jeanpant: Have you no pity? Don’t you think poor WPCM and Isla Azul already have enough on their plates?


  4. Well, you are no longer together so there is no law that says you have to be nice to her anymore.

    Hope Little Miss Kyknoord gets better soon!


  5. While in the lift on the way to an advertising industry function at the Sandton Convention Centre recently, I was most disappointed that the conversation revolved around nasal decongestants for children, rather than snorted substances of another kind.


  6. katt: True enough. There’s also no law that requires me to wear pants when I’m sitting at my desk.

    pwpoisson: Pfft. There goes the neighbourhood.


  7. i thought that was rather nice. DHW / Prison Break / Lassie – all very vanilla ice cream if you ask me. Now if you said “the exorcist”…


  8. Dating sesson, mating season… all kind of the same thing isn’t it?
    Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Which desperate housewife would the ex be?


  9. heh heh- no further explanation necessary- so she over reacts to completely innocuous comments does she?
    i prefer tchaikovsky and ozzy osbourne.


  10. terri: I can stop any time I want. Any time. Starting tomorrow.

    laurie: Thanks 🙂 and yours is a woof.

    angel: Actually, I think she handled it rather well. An eloquent silence speaks volumes. You should try Max Bruch and Nine Inch Nails.


  11. Course in Desperate Housewives they are mostly married right? Apart from insano-Susan. You deserve the evil eye for comparing anyone to Susan.


  12. Kyk. I’m a little concerned at your obsession with pie. Especially within the context of a Freudian blog. So I’m going to ask, for research purposes only. What type of pie would you like?


  13. fence: Good to know [files away under “useful insult material”].

    ben o: Well, that’s a relief. Because, y’know, I wondered.

    dolce: I’m quite fond of spinach and feta, if you must know.


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