Ancient of days

Ja, so it was my birthday yesterday. Clearly my “stay under the radar and keep it low-key” policy has come off the rails just a bit. Many thanks to all the well-wishers, especially Mrs Benitez, the ex-Granny Wrangler and Parenthesis, who all went that extra mile. To borrow a line from James+, I’d like to invite you all home for milk and cookies++

Apart from one rather bizarre, Napoleon Dynamite-esque moment when my boss gave me a frozen fish as gift, I had an excellent day.

[Sentiment warning!]
My beautiful paramour took me to dinner at one of her favourite restaurants last night. Let me tell you, the Claremont branch of Calamari King has really gone to the dogs lately, so it’s probably a good thing that we didn’t go there. The conversation covered topics such as why it’s good to be shallow; the horror of public swimming pools; and why you can never have too many ficuses.

She also gave me the most awesome birthday present+++: 12 inches of mechanised magnificence. Maybe I’ll post a photo of it on Flickr one of these days. Maybe.

+ The band, not the guy I know who cheats on his taxes (although he may well have said it at some stage)

++ and then you can get in the kitchen and make me some PIE!

+++ Not that a frozen fish isn’t cool, but it’s still several degrees shy of ‘awesome’


17 thoughts on “Ancient of days

  1. “…twelve inches of mechanised magnificence”, Kyk? Now if it was her birthday I might have some suggestions as to what that might be, but the other way round, nada. A tele-photo lens might be a guess, but otherwise … nope … nothing. Glad you had a lovely day though:)


  2. Forget about shallow, it would appear as if someone’s gone off the deep end.

    And, my friend, there is no place better.


  3. Oh my God! I thought it was only today! I’m such a stupid, absent-minded dumbass!

    OK, but at the risk of sounding belated (which I am): I hope you had a merry merry one Kyk, filled with another half, lots of wishes and with any luck, a good time had. xxxxx


  4. “…twelve inches of mechanised magnificence”


    I thought that stuff only appeared on Peas blog.

    If that’s her gift to you, isn’t it really a gift for her?


  5. parenthesis: C’mon, you’re always the one encouraging the rest of us to think creatively.

    xGW: Don’t hold your breath. I’d hate to be responsible for you passing out – from lack of oxygen, of course.

    tenmiles: Subtle, but I still recognise a “just plain nuts” comment when I see one.

    revo: – and if I was you, I’d be asking me to body search her before proceeding… oh wow man, déjà vu

    peas: Thank you muchly. You’ll be pleased to know that all your hopes were realised.

    iitq: She’s certainly welcome to play with it any time.

    doll: Exceptionally.

    cherrypie: “deliciously bitter schadenfreude”? That’s a kind of chocolate, right? Don’t worry, you’ll be relieved to know that I’m only planning on posting about fluffy bunnies next week.

    ol’ hoss: I’m tempted to give you a hint, but that wouldn’t be fair on the others, would it?


  6. Man, I hope it was a robot. I would love it if somebody gave me a robot. With working la-zors and some sort of angry robot voice. “puny humanoid.”


  7. I’m thinking a mechanical action figure.

    Happy birthday, Kyk.

    I’ve got to beat up my birthday calendar for not reminding me now. Glad you had a lovely day!


  8. betenoir: Oooh, you’re good. That’s pretty close.

    cedric: Why thank you, sonny.

    katt: Even closer. Oh, but hang on – you’ve seen my collection, haven’t you?


  9. Katt’s seen your collection of mechanical action figures. Even though I knew that, when I say those words aloud (I know! Why am I saying them aloud?), it sounds … erm … bad. Must be the influence of all that time spent at that particular magazine.


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