A hot date

I had dinner at Takaris Indian Restaurant last night. The Object of my Affection has been threatening me with this most venerable of Cape Town institutions+ for some time now and yesterday evening seemed as good a time as any for the experience. Imagine, if you will, a cafeteria in a Bollywood movie. Got that? Good. Now add more sparkly things. No, more sparkly things. That’s it! Subtle, it isn’t.

The food was excellent, although if curry isn’t your thing, then you might be in for a torrid time. The average meal could feed a famished family of four for a fortnight. Okay, perhaps not, but the portions are seriously HUGE (and I never pass up an opportunity to apply my alliterative abilities++).

We only caught a brief glimpse of the owner – Danny Govender Jr – and quite frankly, I was a little bit disappointed that he wasn’t sporting white Elvis pants and slicked-back hair, as is his wont.

Maybe the Elvis pants were in the wash basket.

+ and like other institutions, it is designed to cater for the slightly unhinged.

++ Assonance, also.


22 thoughts on “A hot date

  1. The ‘Tarkaris Sensory Assault’ has been a favourite of mine for, ooooh, a good 15 years now. (On reflection, that’s a helluva lot of Hot ‘n Spicy. Crikey.)

    I miss the disco ball, though.


  2. You know, I’ve never had a bit of a snog ‘n kafoofle with the taste of korma lingering on my gums.

    I need to do that sometime. Science, and all…

    Did the lass enjoy herself?


  3. And now do yourself a favour and take her to Bukhara (nicest setting: Stellenbosch, most Bollywood: Grand West Casino, old-style “grand”ness, i.e. elbow contortions between your food and the neighbours wine glass: town; best Indian food outside India: all three of them). Go for the butter chicken if you don’t like it tooooo hot before bed-time! Does wonders to your sex-life …


  4. xGW: Possibly. Now that you mention it, I didn’t get a good look at his footwear.

    mrs B: I thought I recognised you lurking in the corner.

    martin: Perhaps you’d care to start the Danny’s Disco Ball Revival fund?

    ekke: I’m a strong advocate of the Scientific Method myself (and I do believe she did).

    the crutch: I’ll put it on my “to do” list.

    peas: Something about you being descended from a magpie, I think.


  5. I was going to say something useful and observational and comment-like, but I got distracted by the duct tape. And the need to shave prior to use. And the previously unconsidered implications for a mate I know in London who likes to go to fetish parties in duct tape. Respec’.


  6. This is my first time on your blog. Just read your about section. Sounds like you’re the cat’s meow! I’ll be sure to tune in and check back for further ingenuity.


  7. ekke: Well duh, obviously.

    dolce: Understandable. I get distracted by shaving and duct tape all the time.

    anicker: Laugh away. Danny’s on his way over to kick your ass.

    del: You’d be surprised.

    lucy dee: Are you sure you aren’t a ‘bot? I mean c’mon, nobody reads the “About” section.

    ol’ hoss: I’ll send you some leftovers. I have lots and lots of leftovers.


  8. You see I can’t tell if that response is sarcastic or flat out abrasive comment. But if it’s a real response (minus the sarcasm), I would profess to say you’re wrong about the “about” section. Everyone who comes to my site reads the about section, because what I have to write is just that gripping! And they NEED TO KNOW just how dazzling and charismatic this comedienne is.

    It’s either the about section or the first post to get an idea of what the blog is all about.

    So, nyah!


  9. lucy dee: I wasn’t really going for “abrasive”, but since I seem to have missed the “ironically self-deprecating” mark as well, perhaps a word of explanation is in order: Unlike your blog, mine has very little to offer in the way of actual content. Consequently, I find it a bit surprising that anyone would want to read the About page.


  10. Kyk, I can’t say I’ve read the About section, but thanx to Lucy Dee, I’ve realised that there’s a You were looking for…? section..

    PS. Elvis is not dead, he’s toasting papadums in Sea Point?? Who’d have guessed, but based on the strange people and sights I’ve spotted in that neck of the woods, I’m not surprised.
    A bit scared maybe, but nor surprised.


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