Philistines and wonders

Hey, the lock mechanism was OLD, okay?  It needed to be replaced anyway.  Incidentally, ‘The Magic Flute’ was pretty damned impressive, although to be honest, I thought the singing was a tad feeble at times.  Kind of like the MTV music awards.


22 thoughts on “Philistines and wonders

  1. I have a spare key to my boss’s office. I catch gnarly insects and spiders and I release them under her desk every Sunday evening. And then I claim overtime for having to go in to the office over a weekend.


  2. betenoir: No, I meant… wait, you can actually do that?

    the divine miss m: The trick is not to get caught. Not that I’m advocating locking your colleages in the archive. No indeedy!

    jeanpant: Dilbert meets Fear Factor. A winning recipe.


  3. dolce: It’s a tough call to make, but I would say probably not. Even so, you might struggle to get a ticket. When I booked (more than six weeks ago), they were nearly sold out.


  4. bugger.

    You do realise that I’ve been trying to sing it all morning, in a very cracked, tuneless tenor. U.G.L.Y. My poor little colleagues. Hahahaah!


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