Executive decision

Don't you just hate it when someone offloads a thoroughly unpleasant task on you and then insults your intelligence by pretending that it's because you're the right person for the job?   Me too.


14 thoughts on “Executive decision

  1. LOL @ extreme butt piracy. At least you’re never bored! Are there also people in your office who go on and on all day about how much work they have and how they’re overloaded and they do ALL the work in the place, and blah blah blah? Those people never get fired.


  2. But that means you have to change the last box*! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…
    *not completely down with the technical lingo, am I.


  3. oooo ooo oooo (she nods her head knowingly) as i am saddled with yet another “crisis meeting with the client” in the morning – management is “tied up” (i wish) in other very important meetings/buuuuullshit. usually i just agree with everything said at these beatings (with my best screensaver face) while i conjure up lovely little games. the latest – using words of no relevance in the meeting and scoring myself for using it. tomorrow’s word is “aubergine”. i picked an easy one – last times “incest” was a challenge, but hey, that’s at leat 10 points right there. and THAT is why they pay me the big money. oh wait…mmmm. heeeeeey.. wait a minute….


  4. Yikes … I just saw that thing flying up in the right hand corner of your bloggy …. whaaaaat the “H-E-double toothpicks” is that?


    Freaked out smooch,
    The Tart
    ; *

    Ps. Fired?


  5. just to let you know that “aubergine” was way too easy. so i had to squeeze in my new random phrase “it is just not tennis” twice. aaahh. good times. where to go from here?


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