I can has meeting?

Yes, yes, I know it’s fatuous and derivative, but that *is* kind of the point (also, after I found out that my girlfriend has a particular fondness for the expression 'OH NOES!', I've been wanting to use it.  Hi Honey xxx)


21 thoughts on “I can has meeting?

  1. iitq: The fact that I read LOLcats, or the LOLcats themselves?

    betenoir: True, but few things are.

    divine miss M: Sry. I eated it.

    wezz: I suppose it was inevitable.


  2. OMFG. Have I been out of the loop for too long? Am I aging ungracefully? Have you been abducted by a “LOLcat” (whatever the fork that is) and had a foreign object inserted in your bottom which makes you talk funny-like? Help me. I need to know. I really need to understand you kyk.


  3. revo: What? Again??

    xGW: Don’t be concerned, my rearward virtue is still intact. Normal programming will resume shortly.

    red: Onlee if u b mine, ‘k? Incidentally, much as I hate to ruin the illusion (or dash the cup from your lips, as it were), I should point out that the drawings are actually slightly tweaked clipart. Also, I’m afraid my paunch is the only thing that bulges under my suit when I’m at work.

    the tart: So I take it you haven’t discovered I can has cheezburger yet.


  4. I’ve been away too long.

    *looks bewildered*

    Something about giggling kitties and cheeseburgers. Hopefully not linked in any kitchen like way.


  5. anne: Doing our Marcel Marceau impression, are we?

    Mrs B: I was afraid of that. I guess it’s all downhill from here.

    angel: The whole day? Your boss must love you.


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