No thanks, I’d rather run naked through a cactus patch

We’re back to this again.  Yes, I know this means I’m not a ‘team player’ and blah, blah, blah, but fuck it, I already spend enough time at work as it is.  I really do have better ways to occupy my free time than hang out with colleagues and talk about - you guessed it - work


18 thoughts on “No thanks, I’d rather run naked through a cactus patch

  1. I’m not a large fan of office functions, I hate getting drunk with my colleagues.

    Last night we had a team “bonding” session which I bailed out of after an hour to join friends for dinner and I’m ever so glad as everyone has a roaring hangover here this morning and they are all looking ever so embarrassed from the nights frivolities.

    Stupid souls.


  2. betenoir: It’s particularly excruciating if you aren’t able to numb the pain with many, many alcohol.
    revo: True, and both involve dealing with dirt bags.
    divine miss M: Souls falling into the “R” category, no doubt.


  3. The “R” catagory?

    I just like to keep my social life and my work life separate. Does tend to get difficult sometimes as we are in each others faces constantly, but I really don’t do the work drinks thing!


  4. I think office functions and team builds are brilliant. Particularly if one stays sober and everyone else gets rip roaringly horribly drunk. Having a camera handy and having a very good memory proves useful – particularly around PA time …. 😉


  5. dolce: I won’t. Shoes? What shoes?

    divine miss M: Stupid souls in the “R” category = Stupid R souls. It’s never funny if you have to explain it.

    parenthesis: No thanks, I’d still rather run naked through a cactus field.


  6. parenthesis: I dunno. I think Kodak kind of dropped the ball with the advent of digital photography and they’ve been playing catch-up ever since. I prefer Canon.

    sonkind: Oh I don’t know. It gets pretty interesting if you flambé them.

    ol’ hoss: Aren’t we all?


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