Something about cheese

I’ve never been a huge rugby fan.  At least, not since I got groped in the scrum during a match at high school.  Guys, here’s a tip - if you’re going to fondle your team-mates on the field, cut your goddamned nails.


16 thoughts on “Something about cheese

  1. I don’t even have gonads (well I do, but that really is another story) and my gonads contracted. Groped and nails… *shudder*


  2. You draw sketches of people from the office in the pool Kyk? Sheesh. And I thought I had some odd ways of killing time.

    I assume you’re not using water paint as your
    medium …. ? 😉 🙂


  3. dolce: I presume the other story relates to the the non-vernacular sense of the word.

    parenthesis: It’s a question of outlook, isn’t it? I don’t really view time as something to be killed.


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