I got the power. Or not.

When you see guys wandering around the office brandishing hammer drills and eyeing the walls with obvious intent, it’s probably a good idea to back up your work


20 thoughts on “I got the power. Or not.

  1. betenoir: This was less of an outage and more of a stupidage. Most organisations have those.

    stef: Never? Been to Home Affairs lately?

    peas: It’s a retrospective piece. Power’s back on.

    divine miss M: I’m often required to work in the dark – metaphorically speaking, of course.

    mrs B: Maybe.


  2. We had one of those, once or twice. Someone got fired [possibly an engineer] and now we have huge back up generators which switch over seamlessly and keep the PC network and enough lighting on to ensure business is uninterrupted. Coffee machines, elevators and escalators are of course surplus to requirements, even if you do work on the ninth floor 😉


  3. parenthesis: You have coffee machines on the 9th floor?

    the tart: Well, I don’t like to brag…

    terri: Thanks. You’re pretty switched-on yourself.

    del: I always knew there was a Telkom / Eskom conspiracy.


  4. dolce: It isn’t?

    revo: Hah! More like the harbinger of really long day to make up the time lost.

    ol’ hoss: I have a much better quality of dark at home.

    sonkind: The thing to remember is that it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on.


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