I made it from scratch

Note to self - damp manhole covers are the natural enemy of the motorcyclist.  Especially on bends


14 thoughts on “I made it from scratch

  1. My housemate rode into another cyclist last night on her way home, I wish I’d seen that.

    Ye, you always have to be careful what excuses you use – in London there is always the “The tube was delayed” excuse which works like a charm because IT IS ALWAYS DELAYED!

    I’m planning on pulling a sickie tomorrow, what you think … Food poisoning? I haven’t had that for a while …


  2. peas: I’m super, thanks for asking…
    The trick is to hit the kerb at precisely the right angle to launch yourself into a conveniently-placed shrub.
    Apart from a trip home to change my underwear, I got off with only a few scrapes and bruises.

    divine miss M: How about I loan you my scooter?


  3. PS
    I prefer “moped” to “scooter”. The one implies zippiness, energy, mobility while the other signifies the mood as well as the mode of transport when it comes to travelling to work 😉


  4. And here I am trying to convince my other half to allow me to buy a scooter. Luckily she doesn’t read your blog (or anyone else’s, so don’t feel bad!)


  5. revo: On the plus side, if things were really dire, it would have been four murder attempts.

    angel: That’s the thing about aggregate scores – they always increase.

    parenthesis: Once again, I’m seriously grateful I don’t work in your office.

    del: When she starts encouraging you to get one – that’s the time to worry.


  6. From the people who created the terms “just now” and “now now”…In Cape Town, late is something you worry about if it involves your girlfriend’s cycle.
    Arriving on time: completely overrated – usually you will find no one there to appreciate it (or so i hear). Be wary – It starts with punctuality, then next thing you know, they will expect you to adhere to deadlines…. tricksey.


  7. Off topic, but just spotted David Bullard on the TV & my blood boils… 1st generation immigrants – thats my gripe ! Bullard & his 10 million friends that now find SA home & treat as their mocking-block give me the shits… earn your place here & after 100 years, you may have the respect of true South Africans who have been here for a wee bit longer, like say… 200 or 300 years ! You blow-in types are joke & mennace really ! Bullard – off to Sconny lad !


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