Small sacrilegious steps

You can read Moonflake’s take on the matter here.


25 thoughts on “Small sacrilegious steps

  1. but dude… they’re saying we came from like, fish and monkeys and stuff…. and that’s just icky. I personally evolved from pixie dust and sparkle moonlight and wishes.


  2. Betenoir: I’ve met a couple of life forms in my life time who although disuised as human have clearly not evolved beyond the tree tops* from whence they came*. It’s also been my experience that whichever side of the evolution – creation debate you side with, you inevitably land up with a whole bunch of asses and a monkey on your team anway.

    *or in some cases, the gutter ][if gutters had been around to evolve in , at the time of course].


  3. mrs B: There are some things we are just not meant to know.

    parenthesis: and a rose by any other name would probably be called Roderick, but c’mon – bonzai gutter trees!


  4. I, personally, evolved from a cat. A lazy, mean-spirited ginger cat. One that steals the dog’s food and pull faces at him until he whines and runs away with his tail between his legs!


  5. Ned does believe in himself. In fact, he believes he might one day become a pilot and settle down with a nice lady and hopefully, hear the patter of little Ned feet.

    Ned, I told you, he’s just poking us with a stick.



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