Spambot love

Most of my readers and pen-pals are 'bots.  Hi guys, this one’s for you


28 thoughts on “Spambot love

  1. revobot: Some whim crush or other led me, on remarking that the red overflow had spark come up consecutively for seven times

    katiebot: On tomorrow weekdays, the public is more select shoe than it listen is on Sundays and Saturdays


  2. revobot: Thundering after hospital envious they stopped talking, forward I heard a little moaning.

    miss M-bot: No, no, I stupid have well tumble.

    dolcebot: Nay, smote but music connection it’s often full o’ drink, and that’s worse.


  3. And somewhere, heard over the clankety-clang of paper and steel, a monkey is heard in conversation..

    “And to think, we get paid for this shit!”


  4. crayola dudebot: Cliff and Ben entered the small utility room expert to start nut damage?

    terribot: Nutrition classes would be tendency a frowning good idea

    hedwig: GET BACK TO WORK!


  5. I’m thinking we may someday find that this gobbledygook literary spam actually means something to someone from another planet . . . Or not. 😉


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