Say “cheese”

Mwahahahahahahahahahaha.  Fools.


19 thoughts on “Say “cheese”

  1. Hehe. Meany. I’d have done the same thing.

    Just tell ’em all you can’t help if they’re fugly, and next time oyu won’t take the photos because SOMEONE has to look good in them…


  2. betenoir: Keep an eye out for photos tagged with “freakshow” on Flickr.

    chocolate log dude: Well, I would, but I keep thinking about kitchen receptacles discussing dark colours.

    revo: Fortunately not. Lenses are expensive. So is therapy.

    miss M: A good policy. Those pix on are a little disturbing, to be honest.


  3. Hehehe

    You mock. But it is highly possible πŸ˜‰

    Naah I just got really drunk at a previous Christmas party and told my boss I wanted to shag him. All in all ok, cept he is massive celebrity and married. He laughed at me, gave me a hug and told me I’m insane.


  4. It’s kind of the same thing with ID and passport photos. If you actually look the one in your passport, then feck, yes you’re either in dire need of a holiday – or dead. Either way, you’ll be out of the office, and that can never be a bad thing πŸ˜‰


  5. miss M: Hey, me too. The pay was lousy, but the business lunches were unbelievable.

    parenthesis: Chin up. You can’t live forever.

    michael: You might not say that if you saw the photos. Scary stuff.

    louisa: I haven’t tried starvation yet, but it’s on my to-do list.

    peas: Close. They looked pretty much the way they do every day of the week.

    livewire: I’m not so sure about intention here, but when idiocy is inherent, you don’t really need it.


  6. This reminds me of popbitch’s Enrique Iglesias story. He was doing a concert in Rome and his people arranged for some models and pretty girls to be stationed in front of the left-hand side of the stage, so he could dive in for some great photo and TV shots.
    The crew reminded him when he went on, “left side, Enrique”. He thought they meant stage left.
    So when Iglesias dived off the stage for his photo opp, he wasn’t where he thought he’d be. Instead, he landed right in the disabled fans area.


  7. anicker: I reckon that’s probably what Enrique told them afterwards, whereas the truth is he can’t tell left from right.

    dolce: Planning is everything. Tell Ned he has a piece of food on his face.


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