The abyss stares back

In all fairness, I should mention that each time I’ve gone to complain, they HAVE corrected the error.  However, each subsequent account has arrived with a New, Improved error on it.  You really have to admire that kind of mulish determination


21 thoughts on “The abyss stares back

  1. I hate letter writing people! At the moment I’m receiving all these letters from people complaining about stuff on their show, I’m seriously do people not have anything better to do than write letters?! πŸ˜‰

    I’m fighting the urge not to write really rude ones back telling them that they have no life and should really go and shove their opinion up their own ass because I could not give a shit.


  2. revo: Can I quote you on that?

    crayola hombre: I think think they’ve outsourced that function to people who can actually read.

    miss M: and I hate shitty service. I’m not too fond of instant cheese sauce, either. Essentially, the world is full of hate. You should write to someone about that.


  3. crayola uomo: I think I inadvertently ticked the “send my account to a random address” option when I last moved.

    miss M: Good, good. Health experts agree that regular exercise is important.


  4. As someone who worked in HR for three years, as *cough* a “recruitment specialist” may I point out, that HR is by its very definition an oxymoron. As one of our heads of department at the time pointed out, HR is generally not very resourceful – or even human [Dr J. Rat, quote, unquote] πŸ™‚ This might explain my career change. I recruited myself the hell out of there πŸ˜‰


  5. I haven’t had to pay any bills for almost 6 years now (except mobile phone), but that all starts in December. Looking forward to the queues and the bullshit.


  6. crayola dude: Willfully?

    miss M: A new contract? I’m curious – do the cement shoes cost extra, or is that part of the deal?

    parenthesis: Aha! I knew Catbert wasn’t an exaggeration.

    del: I know what you mean. I miss prison, too.


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