22 thoughts on “Pteromerhanophobia

  1. dude, this cartoon~thing has gotta stop! please? pretty please?? pleeeeeeeeeease….

    ok i’m done begging!

    if you insist i’ll go buy the forking lotto ticket… πŸ˜‰


  2. Hahahaha! πŸ˜€

    I just came back from a weekend in CT and after all this nonsense with the planes it was funny to see people paying much closer attention to the safety chat and studying the “kiss your @ss g’bye”-position in the booklets.


  3. louisa: As if that’s going to make a damned bit of difference at all.
    “…fortunately, all the passengers survived the crash, because they were biting their knees when the plane ploughed into the ground…”


  4. hhmmm…
    a tray table problem, so thats what they mean when they say only the serious issues are reported… i get it now.
    thanx for the clarity.

    so… any chance of a “win a date with kyk” competition again one day? or is there a regular “other half” to kyknoord nowadays?


  5. peas: That’s very kind of you to say so, but we both know it isn’t true.

    revo: A fine plan. Isn’t Kalahari.net having a sale?

    angel: I’ll have to ask my girlfriend and get back to you.

    sonkind: I think Nationwide took that a little bit too literally. Didn’t work out so well for them now, did it?

    the tart: I think they’re standard equipment on most airlines. Just take a hacksaw along the next time you fly.


  6. dolce: It was predestined to be so.

    angel: You are, of course, free to believe what you will, but you are “only” getting comics because I find the exercise worthwhile.


  7. Pteromerhanophobia.
    Not being able to get out if I needed to.
    oh my. Cars…they’re ok…unless I get in a sevire wreck.


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