Showered with glory

What worries me the most is the very real possibility that a guy who can’t even balance his own chequebook may end up running the country.


15 thoughts on “Showered with glory

  1. Manto indeed… i feel like an ostrich…i’m gonna stick my head in the sand and ignore this whole thing… the consequences are just too horrible to imagine


  2. Ag. I’m really looking forward to the constitutional change that says I can’t wear short skirts anymore without running the risk of being “Zuma’d”. That cellulite cream ain’t doing what it should!


  3. stef: Just make sure nobody sticks a “kick me” sign on your bum while your head is buried.

    dolceii: True, but pepper spray still works pretty well.

    delboy: No doubt, but I suspect neither of them would garner much support at the Limpopo conference.


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