19 thoughts on “Oh, waiter?

  1. so how much did you tip him…??

    😉 just kidding, that sucks… i had an even worse experience with House of Coffees, won’t ever go there again…


  2. Hi Kyk, love your stuff – been reading it for months but have dared not comment.

    What is it about the service industry in CT generally? Zero work ethic. I particularly hate the sound of coffee beens being ground while I read a book I should really not have purchesed from Exclusives next door. That make crap tea too.


  3. betenoir: I think it’s in the Service Industry Charter.

    peas: Nah. ‘Fraid not. She was still releasing chocolate sharks into the wild by the time we left.

    stef: We gave him a wedgie, but it wasn’t atomic. Does that count?

    flutter: “…dared…”? Wow, mom was right. I am abrasive. Well, hello there Flutter. Everyone, this is Flutter. Be nice.


  4. I can’t believe you still paid for it?!
    Well at least you get to bad mouth them on the internet 😉

    I’ll add it to my list of places to avoid at all costs anyway, thanks for the heads up.


  5. peas: Oh, I have dozens of these. I have to restrain myself from using them.
    louisa: Some things are worth bursting an artery over. Others aren’t. This fell into the latter category. As life lessons go, it was pretty cheap.


  6. crayola dude: I know. Just goes to show the importance of fibre in your diet. But for a bowl of Kelloggs All-Bran, a kingdom was lost.

    dolce: Sadly, no. I was the very epitome of tranquility. Admittedly, I did heap scorn and ridicule upon the waiter, but I did so very politely.


  7. You know kyk it’s so frustrating to get any service these days. I went to a garage today to get petrol. The petrol jockey (female) came lazily strolling over. Then told me to turn my car around because my tank’s on the other side. I was driving a city golf! And I was parked almost right up against the pump and well forward – the hose was well long enough to go around the car. I told her this, but she had the typical arrogance and rigid mind set of young South Africans of today and refused. The other pumps were occupied. She insisted I pull the car around so I thought f¤&k her, pulled out and left.


  8. I am confused – why would anyone do “fortnightly dinners” in a shopping centre during summer in Cape Town?

    Let this be your punishment.


  9. ‘toti: Nuclear-powered cars! That’s what we need.
    anicker: Summer? Hah! You so funny. Don’t worry, the confusion is a temporary side-effect.
    crayola dude: Whose?


  10. sheesh…
    what is it with managers/ waiters at house of coffees! i flat refuse to even go in there anymore… there and mugg&bean, same thing there dude!


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