I’m already doing it, dammit!

I really, really struggle to maintain my equilibrium when someone interrupts me with the specific intention of telling me that the job I am working on at that *very* moment is ‘urgent’ and ‘needs my full attention’


16 thoughts on “I’m already doing it, dammit!

  1. wait…is your boss my boss? I’ve had that conversation.

    does your boss also make corrections/ amendments incrementally, rather than all in one go, and then end up changing things back to how you originally had them, only this time they’re his ideas and not your stupid ones?


  2. My office moto:
    It always takes longer that you think.

    Sounds like a day in the life of Flutter.
    We’re on revision 18 and then suddenly we have to switch back to revision 1 which you initially recommended but hey! Flipping clients!


  3. flutter: Work tends to be the same wherever you go, so you should always try to choose an environment where people dress well and smell good. I chose badly.

    peas: It’s done. Didn’t you get my memo?

    anne: As long as he doesn’t turn that belief into a religion.

    parenthesis: True. I’m feeling a little hounded at the moment.

    del: I can understand why you would want to move to the other side of the world to get away from such an individual.


  4. I think that sort of thing is in “The Boss’s Handbook”.
    Hey, Kyk, has the squiggly monster-thingy at the top of your blog been hovering near Table Mountain long or is he new?
    (Feel free to hurl as much abuse about my powers of observation as you like, hehe!)


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