How many fingers am I holding up?

Kind of makes me wonder if the dire warning about the consequences of excessive masturbation could actually be true


17 thoughts on “How many fingers am I holding up?

  1. Only now? Late starter hey? Don’t worry Kyk-maar-kannie-sien-nie, this is a case of “see no evil – see no evil” for example:
    She: “Does my arse look big in this”
    You: “What arse”
    She will then gaze lovingly into your good eye, take you by your hairy palm and who knows, it might even be that masturbatory blindless lead to sex with a partner.

    Just go towards the light.


  2. betenoir: It’s a wig.

    peas: Ray Bans? Pish! Those are fuckin’ Serengetis, man. At least, I think they are… can’t quite make out the tiny writing on the side.


  3. So you think your blindness could be from excessive masturbation Kyk? I don’t know man….I masturbate. A lot. Hasn’t affected my depth perception or my golf game in the slightest.


  4. you prob got shnerageti’s … haven’t anybody told you not to buy sunglasses from the guy on the street corner…oy… have you ordered your walking stick yet…remember to ask them to put a small mirror on the bottom end…


  5. fatman: Good to know. It’s just that the doctor said “Um well, we *ahem* don’t really know what *koff* causes this”. I just assumed he was being polite, but it’s possible he had a cold.

    stef: What on earth for? So I can look up skirts? Check for limpet mines under cars? I’m not going to be able to do either if I can’t actually see.


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