Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

This *is* my happy face


27 thoughts on “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

  1. betenoir: What gave it away?

    martin: You say potato…

    peas: Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak
    Whispers the o’erfraught heart and bids it break.

    parenthesis: Not much has changed since 1606.


  2. katie p: Exactly :mrgreen:

    hedwig: I was afraid of that.

    revo: I’ve been a member since 1992, so sobriety holds no terrors for me. However, I did return to work today, so my misery is indeed complete.


  3. you would make a perfect handyman i think, the hard hat can follow you there…

    happy new year!! remember to make an appointment with a shrink this year… i think you need some prozac :)~


  4. most people i work with don’t need an hour on life’s stage. in fact, they would be more interesting as props or backdrops. I wish they would get off mine and get their own reality show / american talk show / soapy or whatever will justify the bad hair, bad script and even worse performance.

    (with that, she storms off and slams her trailor door)


  5. Your “strip” is very professionally done… hey I used to know this guy who was a strip-o-gramme… he packed his “pouch” full of toilet paper bc he didn’t have to strip further than there…

    he was a novelty stripppagram btw

    what the hell got me on to this

    o yeah your cartoons… = v good

    nice work!



  6. angel: Hard to believe they’re going to drop Shakespeare from the syllabus, isn’t it?

    gledwood: There’s a message in there somewhere (the Kanji character means “north”, by the way).


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