21 thoughts on “Ready. Aim.

  1. peas: He does. I think it’s his attempt at humour. Sort of like “Hot enough for you?”, but not quite as aisle-rollingly hilarious.
    betenoir: Shhhh. Look, we both know I’m derivative, but it’s just possible that some of the others haven’t figured it out yet.


  2. This is the same tactic that many parents adopt when talking to their kids. To whit, “You do want more brussel sprouts, right?” Or “you weren’t the reason why the whole seventh grade was kept in at recess were you?” πŸ˜‰


  3. Having really stupid prey does take all the fun and challenge out of hunting doesn’t it?

    Probably why sheep hunting never really took off!
    (except if you’re an Aussie, they you qualify as a sexual preditor)


  4. Hey, I came into work this morning and am helping out on my old show for a bit and I was so excited to see everyone and vice versa. I actually did miss them!

    Sometimes it is possible to miss people … πŸ™‚


  5. parenthesis: Whatever happened to shoot first and ask questions later?

    louisa: Dunno. I’ll give it a go and get back to you next January.

    nursemyra: Yes, but is it aisle-rollingly hilarious?

    revo: I think you may just have given away the plot for ‘Alien vs Predator 3’

    angel: I concur. Writing them on your hand kind of kills the illusion of spontaneity.

    divine miss M: Just remember to breathe out slowly and squeeze the trigger.


  6. awkward moment… boss sees me this morning for the first time after holiday… gave me sort of a oprah~hug~hand~clasping~action thing…. it was like a bad dream…


  7. I find, if I gaze at my navel for too long, that I need to then go and find a pin to clean out that little bit of fluff that’s trapped in the left wrinkle.

    I think I need more practise at the Zen aspect.


  8. So much cleverer than fumbling to answer a non-ringing phone. i’m now trying to find a way of making the whole “i’m foreign! i confuse search-and-rescue with search-and-destroy!” defense stick. i reckon it’s possible.


  9. stef: I think I’ve had that dream, too.

    dolce: Maybe you could substitute the pin for a very small rake?

    anne: You could always pretend that your phone has been set to vibrate. This way, you can test which of your colleagues are truly gullible and therefore worth borrowing money from.


  10. Sheesh, I’m feeling guilty here, why can’t bosses be nice?

    I mean, what’s wrong with a bum-pinch here and there?

    (Disclaimer: I am of course in no way admitting to or being serious about anything whatsoever, just in case someone decides to nail my butt to the wall. Mmmmmm, butt. OK, enough)


  11. martin: No ifs, ands or butts about it.

    ~m: So the sign of true affection is the two-second warning? Thought so.

    ol’ hoss: I prefer “Revenge of the Cat” by Claude Balls.


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