24 thoughts on “Prime cut

  1. peas: Or maybe we’re just in dire need of some head (sorry Revo, I know that was your line)
    betenoir: Hah! You’re just jealous because I’m John Travolta to your Christian Slater in Broken Arrow.


  2. You know what they say. If you can keep your head, while everyone around you is losing theirs, then you obviously don’t understand the problem πŸ™‚


  3. stef: Hmmm… I find it vaguely disturbing how much you enjoyed this one.

    parenthesis: – or Henry VIII describes you as “a bit of a dog” to his inner circle.

    anne: How indeed? It’s definitely not telepapthy.

    the crutch: What? Are you saying you don’t think this is a good look for me?


  4. “Dog bites Pope” – that’s what the headlines would have read if there had been newspapers back then. Besides which, that little nip changed the course of history didn’t it? πŸ™‚


  5. don’t be disturbed…you have to admit it is kinda funny in a totally inappropriate~twisted~black~humour~kind of way…. just the way i like it…teehee… i’m done trying to analyze your random thought patterns (and of course the wild eyebrow)… so i try to take your posts with a hand full of salt… have a good weekend!


  6. nursemyra: Excellent. Stage one of my evil plan is complete.
    parenthesis: Doesn’t everything?
    divine miss M: I take it you’re a Firefox user then? That would explain why you aren’t getting the full story.
    stef: “…don’t be disturbed…” I’m afraid that ship has sailed.


  7. Say you’ve been recently decapitated. Picture it. Now…what would possibly possess you to still turn up to work? Why would you do it? And what happens on “Wacky Hat Fridays”?


  8. I’m reminded of a movie I saw in the 80’s called The Re-Animator. Standard dead-guy-walks-around-with-his-head-in-a-tray stuff.

    I had no idea a comic strip could be so disturbing.
    PS Feel free to send back the gloves I sent you for christmas.


  9. nursemyra: I’ll let you know when I get to stage 36D

    spencer: Depends on the harvest, doesn’t it?

    fatman: I guess I just wasn’t thinking.

    terri: To be honest, I prefer The Chumscrubber look, but it’s all good.


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