Get the message

Maybe he's dead


18 thoughts on “Get the message

  1. How exactly do you ask harder? With more emphasis? Do you send email in caps? Do you phone and leave messages in a stern voice?

    I vote cc’ing everyone in on every email. Spam the bastards into submission.


  2. I had that once. As far as I’m concerned if I call someone 7 times in one day, leave him 5 messages, each one with a slightly more panicked sound to my voice and the final one pleading with him to call me back as soon as possible as it is highly urgent, and he doesn’t then I really have done enough! I even thought he was possibly ignoring me and used my own cell phone to call South Africa along with my colleagues cellphone.

    Stupid wanker. He then called me back the next day and said “oh I didn’t realise it was that important”


  3. If it’s not too far away you could save time and telephone costs by making a road trip of it I suppose? Plus: it would also give you some time away from your office and your boss?

    I can’t see any downside to this solution… πŸ˜€


  4. revo: An excellent idea! I’ll start interviewing potential suppliers immediately.
    miss M: Something to look forward to will be the day when he stops breathing because he didn’t realise it was that important.
    louisa: I can: It doesn’t involve a Strip-O-Gram.


  5. I would prefer if I never had to speak to the client. The client should have one chance to speak to the engineer, then he must go away AND NEVER CHANGE HIS MIND. If I have to speak to the client he should only be allowed to say “Yes” and “No”. When he opens his mouth and words like “options” and “design envelope” escape, he should be led into a small dark room and locked there until the specifications have been issued for purchase…

    (*shuffling off to go and compare Version 19 case 108 to Version 17 case 76 of the design basis*)


  6. nursemyra: Artillery? I’m afraid to ask.
    schroedinger: You’re alive! I always thought the job stress made your head implode.
    sweetass: Therein lies the rub, doesn’t it? Do charms ever work?


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