Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know, could you repeat the question?

Oh *very* subtle, indeed.  What a tosser.
Incidentally, today is the the other side of the mountain’s third anniversary. This is also the 33rd cartoon in the series, but who’s counting?


30 thoughts on “Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know, could you repeat the question?

  1. 333! the number of half of the beast! fie! fie! you semi-evil quasi-beast! for this be the blog of sort-of sin! I will strike you down about halfway!

    okay, I’ll stop now.


  2. why don’t people understand NO… did you say “maybe”? did you say anything that gave him the impression that you might have any information… why am i getting so upset… strange… NO means NO doesn’t it?? er… uhm… the only exception to the rule is when you’re snoggling with your date and you say NO and you actually mean YES!!!!!! teehee

    btw: did you know that when you leave your mouse over the last part of the cartoon there is some sort of hidden text…

    today’s says: oh very subtle indeed. what a tosser.

    am i just imagining this? 😉


  3. betenoir: So would that make me the semi-antichrist?

    nursemyra: Possibly. Like I said, I wasn’t involved in the project.

    stef: I think it’s a fairly safe bet that I won’t be snogging my boss [shudder]. So you’ve found the mouseover text, have you? Fun, isn’t it?


  4. Well Happy Manniversary!

    It just goes to show that things do indeed occur in 3’s.

    Well the project is based in Saldanha which is right next to Langebaan which is where Donkergat, a top secret military installation is located.

    So why are they prying?? Do they have any terrorist intensions?? You may have to inform the approriate authorities and the NIA will abduct them from their home late one night and extract the information via state sponsored sodomy.
    (Electrical torture is no longer viable due to loadshedding)

    So they have to ask themself, do I really want to know what Kyk knows about the Saldanha Project??


  5. revo: Looks like you drew the attention of the spam filter. It gets very twitchy at the mention of state-sponsored sodomy.

    mrs B: Thanks. I guess this means I can retire in another two years.


  6. Hmmm…. i’ve worked for this guy. Will somehow never hear answers he doesn’t want to hear, and continues asking the same question until your circuits are smoldering and you finally relent to get him to shut the fuck up…[pant, pant, pant…]. happy anniversary, by the way!


  7. I’m such a dolt. I just now, today, found the “mouseover” function on your blog and only because of what nursemyra said above. It all makes so much more sense now.


  8. lemon: Thanks 🙂 Give my regards to Herb.

    nursemyra: Did you pass?

    ol’ hoss: The class of 2005 is a very classy class.

    anduin: “more”? You mean it actually made sense before?

    nursemyra (again): It’s a kind of cascade effect.


  9. peas: The town, or the count?

    dolce: I’m glad to see the rehearsals for the next production of “Mamma Mia!” are going well.

    sheena: My account is in the post.


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