Think of this as a life lesson

Oops, my bad.  Sometimes you have to do a job really poorly to ensure you never get asked to do it again


22 thoughts on “Think of this as a life lesson

  1. Shame…at the previous company where I worked one could often see the newest guy wandering the passages from department to department looking for the long-weight (long wait). The longest it ever took one to crack the code was three days!


  2. peas: Of course we do. When he gets to Bellville, he’ll be it.

    betenoir: How about a left-handed fax paper separator?

    stef: I don’t think it’s a good idea to let a disgruntled junior employee anywhere near my car.

    louisa: Looks like we got your three-day guy.


  3. I find leaning over them in their cubicles and whispering “fresh meat” in a menacing tone works wonders for morale.

    Little poppets.


  4. Great, you can send them to our Bellville office…deal?

    We’ll have him make coffee, wash cars, get take out and all those silly tasks that irritate.

    Just before pay day, we’ll send him back for your boss to pay.

    Do you think anyone would notice??


  5. in my world of ‘uber-geeks’, i sent someone on a literature search for Nb-Cb alloys. [don’t bother with the google…. it’s not funny unless you’re a chemist or a metallurgist]. i also told someone to ‘wax my rental car’ – which is a nice way to say ‘fuck off’. But you are all true masters of the ‘newbie rat maze’. I bow down…


  6. miss M: True and it’s less horrific than asking for a survey of all the offramps on the M1.

    dolce: I prefer to think of it as a character-building exercise.

    revo: Hmmm… sort of like a cultural exchange? It’s worth a try.

    angel: Is there an echo in here?

    nursemyra: I’ll get the new guy to pack up a carton for you.

    daisyfae: True story: a couple of years ago, I worked with a guy called Antimony. He couldn’t figure out why I kept on calling him “Sb”.


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