Birds singing in the sycamore tree

It is somewhat disturbing when one of your colleagues mentions that you appear to have set up camp in his subconscious


14 thoughts on “Birds singing in the sycamore tree

  1. Water in dreams, according to the very verible*, amazingly* astute*, signifies change, loss and turbulence.

    Toilet water, specifically indicates not loving your work environment. But as I said, these things are never accurate.

    * * * It told me that because I dream of snakes, I’m scared of the penis. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Yeah ok, I’ll stop laughing now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  2. peas: Change, loss and turbulence? Wow, talk about uncanny. That’s exactly what happens when you flush.

    nursemyra: But snakes dream of you.

    stef: I never pegged you as one to fear the penis, but is never wrong.


  3. i don’t fear the penis!… maybe i’m scared the penis will bite me like the snake would… this is just freaky… i think i will sue for all the emotional distress they’ve caused me…


  4. So… the guy’s use of “alligator” for “crocodile” gets corrected in his own dream. Does that mean that David Attenborough probably has the reverse nightmare?


  5. stef: A penis that bites? Hmmm… sounds like we have a sequel to the movie Teeth.

    nursemyra: Indeed. It would be a powerful crime deterrent, though. Instead of sending offenders to jail, you simply confiscate their penises.

    anne: Possibly, although it definitely means that the imaginary me is just as pedantic as the real me. I think.

    ~m: Eat, drink and be wary.


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