Trees, schmees. Get chopping, lads

It’s possible that they’ve instituted toilet-paper rationing in the Executive bog.  The branch manager wants to get a new car this year


20 thoughts on “Trees, schmees. Get chopping, lads

  1. stef: Never! I am the very epitome of serenity.

    nursemyra: I’ll set up a webcam immediately.

    anne: Rules 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.

    daisyfae: or a paper bungee cord. I hope.


  2. I’m familiar with the old adage of getting one’s knickers in a knot, Kyk, but never heard of getting one’s tits in a tangle before. You never cease to delight 😉


  3. parenthesis: Never? You’re very kind, but I can think of several people who would hotly dispute that.

    nursemyra: Here –> [ 🙄 ] (I couldn’t afford a bigger one).


  4. stef: Nonsense! I use them all the time!!!1!! Next you’re going to accuse me of NOT USING CAPS LOCK!

    sheena: Maybe they marinade it overnight?

    parenthesis: Interesting. I just assumed it was because I had a forgettable face.

    ~m Who wouldn’t?


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