Do you swing both ways?

That's right, I can see you.  And you and – hey, what the fuck are YOU doing?  Ugh, that's disgusting.  Get help.  And for god's sake, wash your hands!


27 thoughts on “Do you swing both ways?

  1. dolce: Good to know. Wait, why is your keyboard sticky?

    betnoir: Reminds me of the old joke –
    Q: How do you titillate an ocelot?
    A: You oscillate its tit a lot


  2. Ah a stint of redecorating. They say (“they” being those guys on Queer Eye For A Straight Guy), that it helps the pysche.

    But pasty is never tasty. Whichever way you look at it.


  3. hmmm… who’s the new guy? it may be the “new you” kyk so i’ll refrain from calling the new guy “little”… πŸ™‚

    i see management implemented compulsory lunchtime workouts… huge biceps happening there


  4. Humph. I take offence to that. Just because I have 3 toy animals taking up most of the space on my desk, sing songs loudly at work, babble when faced with a rather cute boy and generally act like a weirdo doesn’t mean I am strange!

    Btw, Steve is angry with you too. And Frank, and Pinkie.


  5. miss M: I always knew you were a bright lass. Hang on, I need to get my shades.

    anne: Damn.

    revo: There’s no need to be coy, I think we can all read between the lines here:
    ||true love||


  6. Hey, you should think about getting one of those comment follower upper thingamabobs. I always forget to come back to read your replies.


    poor forgetful me


  7. something triggered in my head… parallel universe, perhaps? but no, it’s not that. disturbing to reverse the image. sort of when you take a photograph of yourself in the mirror and look at it later and somehow it looks strange, like you’re looking at yourself when you’re dead.

    i really shouldn’t mix alcohol and barbituates…


  8. miss M: :mrgreen:

    shebee: You could just subscribe to the comments RSS. And I do not have crabs.

    daisyfae: Why not? What else would you do with them?

    terri: C’mon Terri, you know the drill: first send the $20 application fee and a picture of yourself in the nude.


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