Tales from the Cryptologist

If you think that’s bad, you should see the directory structure on our server


17 thoughts on “Tales from the Cryptologist

  1. i suffer colleagues with two different versions of this affliction – one who sends an e-mail, and without fail appears in my doorway 2 minutes later saying ‘i sent you an e-mail…’ and proceeds to tell me what was in it.

    the other? stops by and says ‘i got your e-mail, what was it about?’, and wants me to tell him what i wrote (rather than actually read it and think about it). i should glue them together and lock them in the conference room…


  2. daisyfae: I have to try that!

    angel: I don’t want to be all pedantic, but that’s more “landfilling” than “filing”.

    peas: I know. Also, when you look for something, you can actually find it. What’s that all about?


  3. nursemyra: Dewey does it for me too! I used to be married to a librarian.

    revo: Have you been chatting to spambots again?

    dolce: I was contemplating a counterstrike, but it looks like you’ve suffered enough.


  4. *sigh* I had a sexual encounter with stephen in a library once…..

    I love libraries so much I spent 14 months working my way through the dewey decimal system by reading at least one book from each classification. got bogged down in the 300s and the 600s. they are still my favourite sections


  5. The problem is that what seems like the logical place to put something today, is not necessarily the logical place to put it the next day. Hence the “where the f*ck is it?” routine on a regular basis. It seems logic is not static.


  6. nursemyra: I’ve had a few rolls in the stacks myself. The 600s are usually nice and quiet.

    terri: The problem doesn’t lie in logic, but in certain individual’s interpretation of it.

    ol’ hoss: Neither, it would appear, do half of my colleagues.


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