Go on, make a wish

The Evil Testicle-Eating Pixies couldn’t make it to the party, but they said to say 'Hi'
Guess who’s a year older today?

Well, that would be everyone who was alive a year ago. Obviously. Be that as it may, it also happens to be Mrs Tex Benitez’s birthday. Send all cash gifts to me and I’ll make sure she gets them.


15 thoughts on “Go on, make a wish

  1. nursemyra: Hang on, if we’re talking that kind of money, I’ll have to make special arrangements to ensure that my bank account doesn’t explode.

    uncle keith: Don’t fight it.

    mrs B: Whoohoo! That’s way better than finger snacks. My helmet runneth over.

    anicker: Very astute, Holmes!

    anne: Of course – and Mastercard too, but not Diners Club. Nobody accepts Diners Club.

    daisyfae: Anatomical challenges aside, I’m afraid you’ll have to get in line.

    ol’ hoss: That’s what we told the police, but I don’t think they bought it.


  2. peas: Thank you for playing. Unfortunately, you weren’t a winner this time, but keep entering!

    stef: It would take too long to explain.

    parenthesis: No, that would be Knysna.


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