The important thing is you tried

What’s the point of having minions if they can’t pick up the slack now and then?


26 thoughts on “The important thing is you tried

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  2. Take minutes? More like rob minutes. The trick is to be very bad at it, and keep interjecting with “how do you spell that” during the meeting and write veeeeery slowly with your tongue sticking out (only do this if it is not the norm otherwise the impact gets lost). Alternatively, you can write it like a screenplay – complete with setting the scene: “The mood in the room was boisterous. Tim nodded enthusiastically before shouting gleefully: “I second that!” etc.


  3. anicker: “…only do this if…” was was worth the price of admission alone. Please send me your CV.

    uncle keith: Just so. I suppose that’s one thing to be grateful about: I no longer fear death.

    parenthesis: True, but it’s hardly a challenge anymore.

    martijn: C’mon, who doesn’t love taking minutes? It’s the only thing that gets me up in the morning.

    anne: You have a cappuchino machine? Holy haemorrhaging Heysoos on a halibut! Life is so unfair.

    daisyfae: Anicker is a veritable corporate Yoda.


  4. you can always make minutes entertaining by inserting a totally random sentence every other paragraph…
    might make them sit up and wonder where they were when that was said?!


  5. Kyk once again your erudition leaves me speechless so I won’t say nuthin’ except maybe I AM so inept at taking minutes (it takes skill but go reeely slowly and attribute all the important comments to the tealady) that they only asked me to do it once.


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