42 thoughts on “Well isn’t this fun? Pass the potatoes, please

  1. stef: What colour is your t-shirt?

    betenoir: Of course they care. Only a true friend would derive such pleasure in seeing me twist in the breeze.
    Point of information: my cynical remarks are about marriage, okay? Not relationships in general.


  2. my bad, duly corrected stand I. oh, look, suddenly Yoda i have become.

    speaking of, sorta, have you watched Long way Round and Long Way Down with Ewan and Charley (MacGregor and Boorman, that is). fab. fab fab. Watch it, it is a mood-enhancing drug.


  3. you wear a tshirt to work? does it have a tie printed on the front?

    i don’t~ i’m wearing a multi-coloured blouse with green, yellow and red dots… perfect


  4. My worst is when they invite someone that only the saddest soul in the world with the most unfortunate looks would consider and then rave about him and say he and you are ideally suited!!! Am I delusional about my looks and personality ….c’mon you can be frank? now am I?


  5. betenoir: That may not be a good thing if you’re in a foul mood.

    nursemyra: Hey, so’s mine!

    stef: So am I to understand you haven’t been there and done that?

    charmskool: I don’t think Frank really suits me. I’m more of a Buddy or Jack kinda guy.
    As to your question – you most certainly are not delusional.

    mrs B: All useful techniques, although my equestrian skills need work. Actually, I prefer the elegant simplicity of feigning death.

    miss M: Damn! Looks like I’ve let another one get away.


  6. It is at times like this Kyk, that one realises the truth in that old cliché. You know the one. With friends like these, who needs enemies, etc 🙂


  7. miss M: Ah well. I suppose I could always just short-circuit the process and go in for self-loathing.
    parenthesis: – or as Mr Wilde would have it: “A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.”
    charmskool: Not at all costs. I can be bought.
    stef: I do, too.


  8. And you weren’t tempted to bash your head against the table and bemoan your evil ex and the “bedroom” issues she left you with.

    You know?

    Just for kicks!


  9. dolce: Oh, I may have been tempted, but I did manage to restrain myself.

    anne: A.R.G.U.I.N.G?

    peas: Equally, they could’ve invited a host of guys for her. “…bachelor number four, if you were bodily fluid, what would it be and why?”

    daisyfae: Subtle. Especially if you pretend to do it surreptitiously.


  10. there’s no person quite so insensitive as The Involved Person.

    I remember when the BF and I first got together, we went to some of his friends (married) for dinner.

    she smugly asks me: so, EM+CT, are you and Luke dating, or just friends?

    Luke and I hadn’t even discussed it yet (we’d been seeing each other for like 2 wks).

    I turned to him and said: your friends, you answer the awkward question.

    He calmly answered the question: oh, definitely dating….


  11. uncle keith: Yup. I suspect they’re worried that we might give their Significant Other ideas.
    angel: It’s tough being an International Man of Mystery.
    jhs: Cool. I guess this means I’m still in an active relationship with at least three of my exes.
    ~m: no! 😯
    peas: Turns out she was a hippie. Things kind of went downhill from there.
    dolce: Are we talking nipple clamps or straitjackets here?
    em&ct: Smooth. I would have asked them to define “dating” (and offered a few tasteless examples of what it could mean)


  12. i know. i should have.

    but i hadn’t had nearly enough vodkas yet….otherwise their might have been some raised eyebrows..

    one last thing. join the South African Bloggers Network. Now. http://sabloggers.ning.com

    this is not a polite suggestion.


  13. just noticed the atrocious spelling mistake i made.

    their = there.

    it’s tough typing with one hand and trying to hold onto squirming The Kid


  14. peas: Why do keep on insisting that I relive the horror?

    em&ct: Come on, you know the rules: I don’t do anything until I see the $20 application fee and a picture of yourself in the nude.


  15. Kyknoord! Flip, guy. There I was thinking some nice white jacket, and you’re straight for the “eina, bokkie, staaaadig” equipment.


    Looking at you in a whole new light.


  16. em&ct: Nope. Real currency, so don’t even think about suggesting Zim Dollars.
    dolce: I’m an engineer. I like to make sure I understand the scope of the undertaking in advance.


  17. See!! That’s what you get when you don’t take your single buddies Mr Cuervo and Jaegie with. A whole heap of awkwardness. They would have put the who? back into wooing the next morning. Or you can just avoid this by taking matters in your own hands (no, no – not THAT way – the last thing you need is to expediate your blindness) – I am talking about the sequal to the “Win-a-date-with-Kyk”. You can call it “Kyk-weer”.


  18. anicker: First Revo, now you. I’m beginning to suspect a conspiracy.

    ol’ hoss: At last, a reasonable question. Dinner was – uh – actually, I don’t remember.


  19. louisa: It’s the basic premise that if you’re single, there must be something wrong with you. Nobody wants friends who have something wrong with them.
    About the long comment – I don’t know how it managed to dodge my spam filter, but it’s been consigned to electronic oblivion now.


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