I’m too sexy for my pastry

Political Correctness has destroyed workplace humour.  Who knew there was a fucking leper at the staff meeting?
Many thanks to the incomparable Daisyfae a.k.a. Trailer Park Refugee for producing today’s comic. Not only does she seem to have an innate understanding of what goes on here on the other side of the mountain, but she’s also easy prepared to bend her considerable talent to the task without whining or making unreasonable demands.

Note to the slower children: This means the episode above is more of a potential occurrence than an actual one.

24 thoughts on “I’m too sexy for my pastry

  1. thank you for the opportunity to play on the mountain!

    and procreation might be a challenge on sevral levels – i live ~8000 miles away. of course, if he’s extraordinarily gifted…


  2. dolce: Very good, but would you sell your soul for one?

    nursemyra: Nah, we’re just gonna fuck.

    daisyfae: Extraordinarily gifted? Well, I don’t like to brag, but I can walk and chew gum at the same time. A Morris-Thorne wormhole generator should be doddle.

    miss M: A thousand uses. Two, at least. Wait – three. No, four. Ugh, I’m really going to struggle to blank out that mental image.

    stef: Not when it comes to donuts.


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  4. So you had help in producing or shall we say reproducing todays post.

    When you say that you licked the ‘donut’, can we assume that you are speaking metaphorically?

    Once you were done, did your ‘donut’ have a glazed look about her..umm..I mean it?


  5. rc – since it was my circumstance, i’ll take this one (the answer, not the donut). in fact, when the instructor asked us to give examples about ‘non-verbal harassment’, my hand shot up and i answered ‘suggestive tongue gestures’. a good friend said ‘bonus points for using food’…

    so i can assure you, no donuts were actually molested during this incident. sorry…


  6. daisyfae: Just as well. Those nutters at PETD are getting really militant.

    revo: You know, I’m sure there’s innuendo in there somewhere, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


  7. upset waitress: Amongst other things Hi yourself :mrgreen:

    daisyfae: If you were going for “low profile”, then the link might not have been such a good idea.

    terri: Are you competing with Dolce to see who does the best Homer impression?

    ~m: Oh, that’s just wrong!


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