Why I claimed my iPod as a business expense

You can’t call the exterminator, I’ve already given them all names
Man, oh man, do I love Creative Commons. Many thanks to JuanJe, Abbynormy and Strangelittlerebel for providing these absolute gems. It’s like they were channelling me, or something. So, what’s the motivation behind today’s photo romance-style comic, I hear you ask? Reasons? I don’t need no steenkeeng reasons! Put it this way, if ever get to the stage where producing this kind of random shit isn’t its own reward, then I may as well pack it in.


22 thoughts on “Why I claimed my iPod as a business expense

  1. they could also be ant-people. in the ceiling I mean.

    But this photo-comic thing is uber cool. off to google musophobia right this minute.


  2. Brilliant idea! I love it. Now you will feel compelled to outdo yourself every week. Well, I compel you to outdo yourself every week.

    Either way, feel the pressure!


  3. mjw: Pressure? Hardly. I’m more than comfortable with occasional brilliance.

    em&ct: Noooooo! I’m trying to train one of them to be a Cordon Bleu chef.


  4. em&ct: Movie? You mean someone else has also had the same idea?
    daisyfae: No, the correct answer is “What did the pot call the kettle?”
    stef: There is a superficial resemblance, but he’s better-looking.
    dolce: Always.


  5. regarding that last photo – have the occupational safety people called yet about proper personnel protective gear? sandals in a construction zone? non-kevlar’d brassieres? drool?


  6. daisyfae: Yeah, we nearly got cited for the drool.
    upset waitress: It does indeed, although I think there’s more money to be made doing Elvis impressions.


  7. Wow, that last picture is exactly like this movie I want to see. They didn’t make one, per chance?

    “Excuse me sir, We’re telephone call girls, we’re here to climb your pole.” Man, I love that movie.


  8. You used your iPod as a rat trap?
    Were you playing an audio book of the Pied Piper of Hamlen to lure them?
    Or just playing some Amy Winehouse to depress them to the point where they would them drown themselves?


  9. uncle keith: It’s on my to do list.
    angel: I’m so cool, I shit ice blocks.
    revo: My boss pulled the plug on Amy Winehouse when the PETA protest outside turned violent.


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