36 thoughts on “Got to be worth a try, at least

  1. charmskool: Right on! I’m hoping one of the really pedantic contractors wins the tender. “Sorry, Boet. That’s what the document says. Now stop arguing and assume the fucking lotus position, okay?”


  2. daisyfae: Oh, that’s brilliant! [Note to self: replace “meditation” with “medication” in Phase 2 document]
    horns of SATAN: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahah!! Holy jalapino-flavoured Haysoos. That has just become my favourite joke in the world EVAH!


  3. G.

    Been reading my side of the mountain for about 6 months.

    This is the finest work yet.

    I’m still wiping bits of sandwich and tea from my screen.

    Keep it up


  4. daisyfae: And food! Don’t forget food.
    ol’ hoss: It sure beats singing the blues. Oh no, wait – it doesn’t.
    louisa: I maintain they should let us use tanks.
    peas: I’m thinking more “metempsychosis”.
    andre: Will do. By the way, I admire your perseverance. I tossed that that tedious book after I reached page 30 or so. Jean Craighead George definitely isn’t one of my favourite authors.


  5. Doh

    The subtly escaped me (being oblivious to my oversight / Freudian slit … I mean slip).

    Witty Wilde witty 🙂

    To all the cool kids – you should have seen him in the Batman suite – yum.


  6. bridget: No, calmer.
    andre: Dude, if you weren’t 7 feet tall and built like a brick shithouse, I would so be unleashing my +3 Enema of Death on you.
    cheap thrills: It seems your question about costumes has just been answered.


  7. > Dude, if you weren’t 7 feet tall and built like a brick shithouse, I would so be wearing tights and unleashing my +3 Enema of Death on you.

    Now that would be scary.

    (That’s for dissing my Standard 2 setwork book as well. Bastard.)


  8. Obvious typo, meditation should read as decapitation.

    Don’t knock it, it worked for Henry VIII and the benefit derived from resolving disputes via this mechanism is that you don’t have any comebacks!


  9. 1 x winning vote in favour of kyknoord.wordpress.com submitted for the SA bloggies – or at least I hope so =)


  10. Tell me, how many times have you heard boardroom threats that heads will roll for one reason or the other??

    Now if we acted on that threat and beheaded a few sub-project managers and staked their heads in the parking lot, I’m sure project productivity and delivery would greatly improve.


  11. holy fucking men-in-tights-speaking-bad-dialog Batman!

    we. demand. pictures.

    and if our demands aren’t met, we’ll beg…

    sexual favors if you don’t mind goats…


  12. parenthesis: Damn! Looks like I should have dug out the tights ages ago. Thanks :mrgreen:

    revo: A tasteful brass plaque beneath each one detailing the precise nature of their downfall would also be a nice touch.

    daisyfae: Sorry, no pictures, but my rates for private parties are very reasonable.


  13. I don’t know about our postal service either. the prizes I sent to the states arrived in a week. canada and the philipines had to wait 3 weeks. what’s with that?

    anyway, I’ve never posted to SA before. It’sll be interesting to see how long it takes


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