Some of us have been working late this week.  It shows.  Hey, they don’t call them ‘deadlines’ for nothing


23 thoughts on “Braaaaaaains

  1. heheh I think I look & feel like that on any given Monday or Tuesday or wednesday…..and I KNOW I feel like that today…not a deadline in sight just ennui and maybe too much wine with dinner on tuesday


  2. betenoir: The breakfast of champions.

    stef: Unless you work in a mortuary.

    charmskool: Tuesday? Must have been a lot of wine.

    nursemyra: Oh good. I have this whole Crypt Keeper thing down pat.

    charmskool (again): Stalked? Stalked?? It was only the one time – well okay, twice, but I was acquitted the second time.

    cheap thrills: Aaaaaaaaaah! Get away from me!

    miss M: Kind of begs the question – how do you normally look at it?

    ~m: Hey, that’s retail for you.


  3. I’d love to see the conflict resolution clause for this one:

    Contractor A: you can’t be serious? You want us to deliver as promised?

    Voodoo Constructors, Inc:Gaarrrrrrghth!

    Contractor A: sure thing big guym. You wanna donut?


  4. Hahahahahaha. I had no idea that the language of grunt slam is spoken away from the tennis court? (You have to admit, it sounds very similar to how Sharapova and the Williams sisters communicate during Wimbledon finals, no?)

    P.S. My blog has been revived. And in order to celebrate, I have tagged you in a Meme. Please forgive me!


  5. peas: I would have to say being undead is worse. No brains to be had around here.

    miss M: Oh behave!

    uncle keith: I hope you keep a shotgun handy.

    daisyfae: I’d like to see the “death benefit” clause.

    cheap thrills: No need to worry. Kids are a sexually transmitted disease.

    red: Another “7 things” solicitation? You shouldn’t have. No, really.
    Here’s one thing you probably don’t know about me: I’m not too fond of tags.

    upset waitress: It could go either way.


  6. Awww, but Kyk, you are my buckit!!! And as my buckit, you are obligated to comply! Please?

    And damn… I thought that being tagged in stupid intellectually stimulating Memes and quizzes is one of your FAVOURITE activities!? Almost like you secretly watch the Hallmark channel for hours on end, and almost, but not nearly, as much as you love to anonymously forward those “Jesus will make all of your dreams come true within the next nanosecond if you forward this fluffy bunny e-card to everyone on your address list and if you don’t you will DIE a slow and FIERY DEATH.”


  7. red: Forwarding FIERY DEATH chain letters is fun. Digging up pointless factoids about myself? Not so much.

    upset waitress: Sadly, no. I would probably be an adherent if didn’t have my own cult to worry about.


  8. Ah, now, see? It might not be fun for you to reach down so deep into the darkest recesses of your mind to dig up your secrets to share with us, but I KNOW I’m not just speaking for myself when I say that WE WILL ALL LOVE TO READ IT!

    But yes… I concede. I’ll just have to accept that I am really not going to entice you over to the dark side of participating in memes and quizzes!


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