21 thoughts on “Play with me

  1. I think she was intimidated by the purple velvet smoking jacket you were wearing!
    It reminded her too much of her days in the circus.
    She’s just not that into being whipped and made to jump thru burning hoops, well not anymore.
    Well that or she prefers XBOX 360???


  2. Ok so now my feelings are hurt. You totally promised me we could go look for the zombie spidey figurine that carries its’ own leg. Oh yep you said I can’t be your friend because I’m your ma. Can we play playstation tho’ – you will have to let me win as usual because of the hand/eye coordination problem


  3. Dude she was just so overcome with her passion for you that she couldn’t remain in the same room as you anymore.

    Seduce her next time perhaps with a little bit of Guitar Hero … and then move up to World of War Craft.


  4. revo: I think Betenoir’s boss is more of a Monopoly sort.

    betenoir: Well obviously.

    charmskool: Kids these days. No respect.

    sheena: What a coincidence! So did I.

    nursemyra: It looks better on her than on me.

    cheap thrills: Hey, get your own lines, buddy!

    stef: I’ll be sure to pass that on.

    andrew: I know!

    miss M: Good suggestions all, but I think we may have a barking dog / tree discontinuity here. Betenoir’s going to be so pissed that you think I’m her.


  5. I want to play Tekken too and no one will play with me! Let’s be friends!
    (first one who says “let’s not and pretend we did” will get a kick-punch-kick combination they might never recover from)


  6. dolce: I prefer to keep mine as quiet as possible.

    miss M: So true. Sex can be very confusing when you’re tired.

    uncle keith: Maybe it’s Methodist madness?

    upset waitress: Are you implying that the characters are legless? I’ll have you know they always drink responsibly.

    anne: Awwww. You’re no fun at all, Anne!

    daisyfae: So… play dates with the boss? Is this the voice of experience talking?

    cheap thrills: Doesn’t everyone? Send me your proposal and I’ll get my people to look at it.

    peas: We discussed it, but the name MAXIMUM AWESOME INC. was already taken. It all seems a bit pointless now.


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