Next question: Who does it revolve around?

Second-year physics is often a crushing disappointment for the more philosophically-inclined student


42 thoughts on “Next question: Who does it revolve around?

  1. depends on whether you are feeling philosophical or just plain bah humbug. I tend to go with the bah humbug scientific approach. Sorry late reply on River Club – yes lets do that and before I have to hire a kayak to row over the road.


  2. The scary part, is that if that centrafugal pressure continues, the plates are likely to slip, and we’ll all die in a firey ball of flame! Or something.


  3. Actually, I’ve always thought physics and philosophy dovetailed quite nicely, dear.

    (Speaking of great balls of fire, I discovered the ‘heat death’ theory this weekend. So exciting!)


  4. stef: Gah! Another one without a soul.

    charmskool: I have no use for the figurative.

    dolce: Sounds a bit like my ex in the kitchen.

    mrs B: They do. Many a physicist has pondered great philosophical questions like, “Where the fuck is my pencil?” (I know! I was planning to watch, but it turns out I have other plans).

    sheena: You need an XX and an XY to make a baby.

    nursemyra: More or less. “Music” slots in ahead of “Denial”, though.


  5. the universe expands. the sun shall die, imploding into a supernova in a matter of seconds, incinerating this tiny solar system. much blackness follows…

    but hey, i read that Angelina has a “baby bump”, and Britny is going to pose nude for “Skank and Tractor” magazine…

    my answer? celebrities, of course. just ask them!


  6. miss M: Ladies and gen… hang the fuck on, where did all the dudes go? Well anyway, ladies – we have a winner!

    bridget: Maybe he’s joined a spinning class.

    daisy: Britney’s gonna be in Skank and Tractor? Hot damn! Wait, what was the question again?


  7. miss M: ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    uncle keith: Good, or Chuck might just have to roundhouse kick your ass.

    parenthesis: You can get the same effect with Tassies.

    upset waitress: Chuck Norris never blinks. He just narrows his eyes menacingly.

    stef: Chuck Norris can’t use eye-liner. It always goes white with fear.


  8. cheap thrills: I never had you pegged as a hater (and it’s only been two conversations).

    revo: Thrills just doesn’t want to give credit where it’s due. You watch, the world is going to stop turning soon.

    dolce: Oh, now that’s just crazy talk!


  9. miss M: Fault? Hardly. Inspiration? Definitely.

    parenthesis: I was simply making the point that the end doesn’t necessarily justify the means (although I’m probably going to get kicked out of the Workers International Vanguard League for saying that).


  10. i’m not a Hoff person either…
    (steve hofmeyr or david hasselhoff)

    and no kyk, i’m not a hater… just a strong-disliker-of-chuck-norris…

    parenthesis: dont fuck with chuck?
    i saw a t-shirt the other day ‘who the fuck is chuck norris?’

    i rather liked that.


  11. he he Luke. or Mr Skywalker for the rest of you.

    I agree. It is Youranus. Also the place that the sun shines from.

    i feel your presence… are you management by any chance?


  12. Kyk, watch out, this looks like a management ploy to find an alternative method to power the water going uphill thing – you are going to be in the kak for not thinking of it in the first place mate…


  13. thrills: What? No time for The Hoff, either? Next you’re going to be saying you don’t smaak Vernon Koekoemoer.

    luke: Look out for cling-ons.

    miss M: It’s a living.

    anicker: ‘Fraid not. Luke is fellow sufferer (oh, and she’s not a dude, either).

    schroedinger: Those devious bastards!


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