Okay lads, coffee break’s over. Back on your heads for the next hundred years

This is the drawback to having fun.  It ends *sigh*


27 thoughts on “Okay lads, coffee break’s over. Back on your heads for the next hundred years

  1. betenoir: Sure! Kum bah YAAH mah lawd, kum ba yaaaaah…

    parenthesis: Er, no thanks. I ordered the vegetarian meal.

    thrills: Well yes, but only if you call a year of circling the drain of despair a “holiday”.

    charmskool: Prozac, anyone?


  2. nursemyra: This is is more of wistful longing, which I have to admit is pretty naff, but I burned up my bitterness quota at the beginning of the year and the next cycle hasn’t kicked in yet.


  3. First day back following an enjoyable extended holiday is like a ‘double monday’, or a ‘monday squared’ if the holiday was particularly enjoyable.

    hang pathetically onto the fact that it’s a short week and ride out the bottom (which is today) for tomorrow is ‘hump’ day. or ‘trough’ day to stick with my own lame support mechanism.

    ah, fuck it. put on some Dashboard Confessional and start cutting… it’ll annoy the boss.


  4. Me: How was your Easter Weekend?
    Friend: I did what Jesus did.
    Me: Hey?
    Friend: You know… Got hammered on Friday and did not rise again till the Sunday.

    terrible, i know.


  5. I would love to swap. I miss the days when long weekends were something to look forward to. I even miss the depression when the weekend was over. But I’ll settle for that Prozac if you’re handing out.


  6. daisy: Fortunately, we only have to deal with Monday 2.0

    miss M: Well, it could be worse. Theoretically. Hang on, give me a minute – I’m sure I can think of something.

    anicker: :mrgreen: does your friend also spend time hanging around with criminals?

    katt: You’re alive! To think I sent a wreath and everything.


  7. uncle keith: Don’t tempt me. That is exactly my kind of stupid.

    miss M: Unless he kicks you into last week, in which case, you’d get to have the weekend again.


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