And speaking of coffee breaks…

Time to revive the fine old custom of urine drinking, I think


14 thoughts on “And speaking of coffee breaks…

  1. I label all of my stationary/personal items with my name. When they go missing I wander around people’s desk and if I see my stuff I tut really loudly and pick it up – even if they’re still using it.

    I’m a nice person. Really.


  2. Use an embarassing mug – logo item from “The National Man-Boy Love Association”, “Interspecies Erotica, Unlimited”, or “Promise Keepers”. Should cut down on muggings….


  3. sheena: The owls are not what they seem.

    miss M: And I have a Kylie song on infinite loop in mine. Wanna swap?

    uncle keith: Are you volunteering to be the teabagee?

    daisy: What, you too?

    ~m: I have a “Warning: contains nuts” tattoo.


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