Vernal equinox

Then again, maybe not.


30 thoughts on “Vernal equinox

  1. betenoir: Ag thanks, skattebol, you’re not so bad yourself.

    peas: Nonsense! The only thing I have to do is die. Everything else is a choice.

    drew: Bring your camera.

    andrew: My fringe is shorter.


  2. crutch: But you like the hairstyle, right? Right?

    peas: ONOES! You’ve bought into the propaganda!

    miss M: I certainly am! The open neck and sleeveless ensemble allows for efficient air circulation.

    jeanpant: Holy Guacamole! Yet another resurrection. Must be the Easter effect.


  3. O shit, now you will have to move to Pretoria, get yourself a Ford something, drop the car, get 17 inch Mags, sup up the engine, get a banana branch and go dice in Voortrekker Street (Pretoria)


  4. I fink is can be like a surprise, that just as you can like to be showing us your arm hairs, that the Jean Pant does reappear. Freaky.


  5. sonkind: You like to micro-manage, don’t you?

    arcadia: Oh good. My work here is done.

    dolce: Ja. That are one moerse coinsidns coonsadins fing what happen twice.

    upset waitress: No, it’s the other way round.

    uncle keith: He is, but he came from a large family.


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  7. ~m: Get down!

    shebee: Sorry. I’ll to be sure to only post obscure stuff that nobody really gets from now on.

    angel: What? Next you’re going to be telling me to lose the satin lingerie!


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